Friendship Day 2022: Here’s how to help your friend get over their heartache

A breakup can be a vulnerable and confusing time for everyone involved, as broken-hearted people tend to lean on their friends who are also often distraught or feel powerless to change or fix the situation. but always willing to offer relationship advice over brunch or through one-line banter. . Even if you’ve been through heartbreak, it’s hard to know what to say when you see your friend’s heart breaking and you feel so emotionally down, but it’s essential to be there for them even if you never liked his ex.

Ahead of Friendship Day 2022, we’ve collected some tips to help you channel your inner shining knight armor and heal your best friend’s broken heart:

1. Don’t assume. Ask what you can do to help – We guess no one knows our best friend better, but if you can start by sharing your own rebound story to ease their pain, let your friend take the lead on how they want to handle their breakup. Ask them if they want you to be mean or if they want you to overdo it, if they need a pizza or if they just need to blow off some steam, because everyone likes to be looked after in different ways. manners. Therefore, refrain from giving advice if your friend is not looking for it during this vulnerable time and leave the offer open for your friend to approach you if he has no idea what he needs. right now.

2. Don’t push them to do things your way – The last thing your friend wants after sleepless nights, crying spells, huge emptiness and having to share the news with family members, friends or co-workers is to listen to you pass judgment on the how he should heal. We all heal differently, and if your friend is engaging in destructive behaviors, consciously opt for empathetic and compassionate language like, “I know you’re doing the best you can. I also notice that something might be hindering your healing process. Are you open to hearing my suggestions? »

3. Monitor your friend’s alcohol or drug use – The emotional weight of a breakup can be overwhelming, so some might find it normal to indulge in a night or two of drinking after a breakup. As a friend, you need to make sure your friend takes care of herself holistically and doesn’t rely too heavily on or find too much solace in drugs or alcohol. Remember that a healthy body will help to have a healthy mind much faster, therefore, encourage them to exercise more, drink more water, sleep, move their bodies and take fresh air and sunshine, to paint, to play an instrument or channel their grief from working hard for a promotion.

4. Avoid speaking ill of her ex – Keep your opinions to yourself until things have calmed down if you’re mad at your friend’s ex or never trusted him. Remember, put-downs are never productive, and the current situation with your friend is a good time to foster positivity. If your friend has disappeared or is still in love with their ex, your negative comments will only push them further into their shell and make them feel like they can’t confide their vulnerable feelings to you.

5. Let your friend get angry and make room for grief – Breakups are a grieving process when losing a relationship and connection with someone who has played a significant role in our lives and although the process is not linear, your friend may go back and forth between the stages of confusion, denial, sadness, negotiation and acceptance. throughout their recovery. No matter how hard it is to watch your friend suffer, don’t rush because the next step after acceptance is anger in most people’s grieving process. Anger is a good sign that indicates overcoming rejection and as a friend you need to make sure they don’t end up thinking everyone is bad when just one person hurts them. Make room for grief and anger, but also discourage your friend from being pushed into negative or violent actions resulting from grief or anger.

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