Friendship Day 2022: Childhood games we all loved to play

Friendship Day 2022: The most beautiful time in everyone’s life is childhood. We were more comfortable and less stressed during this time. The games we played with our boyfriends were the most exciting part of childhood. We all have fond memories of the games that marked our childhood. The joy of playing outside with friends for hours in the fresh air is lost on today’s generation, which is mostly familiar with smartphone gaming. Now we barely have time in our busy schedules to visit parks or breathe some fresh air. Do you remember the last time you spoke with your old friends? Let’s spend some time today to reconnect with our childhood friends and relive those wonderful childhood memories. Let’s take a trip down memory lane by recalling all the games we played as children. (Also read: Friendship Day 2022: 5 amazing gift ideas for your friends)

1. Hide and seek

Who didn’t love hide-and-seek as a kid? It is a timeless game that is enjoyed by all ages. It’s a really entertaining game, and the best part is that it’s simple to learn and can be played anywhere, with anyone, of any age. We all enjoyed playing it.

2. Seven Stones

Pitthhu, another name for seven stones, is one of the most popular outdoor games. Two teams compete using a pile of seven stones, one team being the hitters and the other being the seekers. As the members of the fetching team are hit by the ball that the hitting team has thrown at them, the aim of the hitters is to hit the rocks. The team looking for the ball proceeds without the players who have been touched by the ball. Play promotes teamwork and is generally beneficial for children’s cognitive growth.

3. Kho Kho

We all enjoyed playing Kho Kho, another fun outdoor game. There are certain guidelines in Kho Kho. The game is played between two teams of six players each. As a general rule, there are two innings per game. To capture runners as they enter the field one at a time, teams sit in a straight line with alternate players facing opposite sides. It’s a fun game and requires no equipment; only a piece of chalk is enough to delimit the playing area. It’s a game of speed, strength and endurance.

4. Marbles

We all had a marble collection when we were kids. During the summer, it is not uncommon to see children playing marbles in backyards or small alleys during the day. The game can be played in different ways. It is common for the rules of the game to state that the winner is the one who knocks all of the other players’ marbles to the ground and claims them. It’s an easy and fun game and we all loved playing it.

5. Thief and Police

This is one of the most intriguing games where kids are constantly competing to become police officers. It is played in a simple way, with no limit of players, all participants being divided into two teams. The two teams assume the roles of police and robbers respectively. Where the cops will be in charge of apprehending the thief by periodically inspecting different hiding places. It helps educate children on how to work in a team.

6. Land and water

It’s a game where everyone pretends that a stretch of land is the ocean, quickly crossing it in order to avoid getting caught by the sea monster screaming and screaming. It’s hilarious how seriously we all take the game’s silly story, which the whole plot revolves around. Despite all this, he was very popular among children.

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