Five ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ sequels we’d pay to see

Ever since ‘Top Gun: Maverick’ made all the money, forcing the government to print fairer so people could keep buying tickets, there have been serious and disturbing discussions about expanding the franchise with suites.

It seems like a classic case of Hollywood’s ability to mess things up. For one thing, “Top Gun: Maverick” – or “TGM” as we’ll call it from now on – took 30 years to come to fruition. On the other hand, it walked the tightrope of nostalgia perfectly. The way he paid homage to iconic scenes, story beats, and characters from the original was both incredibly creative and utterly respectful, at least as long as those characters were male or mechanical.

A rapid, lucrative expansion into the “Top Gun universe,” to use the chilling term seen in at least one title, would likely lose all of that to formulaic fan service.

That said, there is one thing that gives hope. Much of what transpired in the first three quarters of TGM had viewers suspending their disbelief. But the moment the movie went beyond that and got completely ridiculous was also the moment it got completely awesome. You knew what was about to happen was absurd and you couldn’t wait for takeoff. If you’ve seen it, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

So. The key to making a good Top Gun 3, 4, or 5 is making sure moments like this happen again and again. Here are some promising scenarios.

“Top Gun: Mama Goose”

There has been speculation that sequels to “Top Gun” may focus on the stories of other characters introduced in TGM, rather than Tom Cruise’s Maverick. “Top Gun: Phoenix”, for example, or “Top Gun: Bob”. It seems like a pretty horrible sight. These characters were given just enough depth for the TGM mission, and that was plenty. What’s the worst part of a superhero franchise? The endless repetition of backstories. So now we’re going to turn “Top Gun” into a story-driven franchise? No to that, with one exception. The way TGM ditched Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan while having all the time in the world for a warm and fuzzy send-off for Val Kilmer was extraordinarily cheesy, so let’s pick that up. The death of Goose’s wife, mentioned in passing, was a fake. She (Ryan) has been under deep cover, gathering intel on a next-gen fighter-killer drone built by an enemy nation. Now is the time for its extraction. Her CIA handler (McGillis) calls Maverick to get her out of there. Of course, Goose Jr. ends up involved in the mission, though he is emotionally crippled by the revelation that his mother faked her death.

“Top Gun: the need for speed”

Promotional trailers have shown us these glimpses of Maverick piloting a futuristic spaceship from a jet and have us thinking this could be something happening at the end of TGM. Turns out it’s the opening of the movie and it’s more or less an elaborate setup for a throwaway gag that rests on Maverick walking into the only restaurant on Earth where people will silently watch him. until a kid drops the punchline, rather than immediately pulling out their cell phones and snapping pictures. Anyway, for this movie, Maverick is summoned to the Pentagon to be told, “We’re putting you back in the Darkstar.” You showed us you could do Mach 10 and we need you to do it again. “Well, yes, I did, but then the controls locked up, the jet broke into pieces and I landed in 1957,” says Maverick. “Look,” said the official. “The enemy is about to field a weapon system capable of taking out an entire group of carriers with the press of a button. The only way to stop it is with a precision maneuver in which you pass a series of control arrows at Mach 10, close enough for the hypersonic shock wave to shatter every computer chip in the complex. Maverick remains silent for a moment, then collapses. “I don’t think I can do it,” he said. “What do you mean? You’ve been training for this all your life!” “Yeah,” Maverick said. “But I never rang a control tower because someone ordered me to. I just don’t know what I feel about this.

Top Gun: Maverick

Jennifer Connelly as Penny Benjamin and Tom Cruise as Captain Pete “Maverick” Mitchell in “Top Gun: Maverick.”

“Top Gun: Wishes Come True”

In TGM, Tom Cruise doesn’t just play a middle-aged man who can fly new jets faster than kids, and who’s so good in combat he can shoot down even newer jets with an old jet. He plays a middle-aged man whose new girlfriend owns and operates a dive bar but still has the time and energy to take him sailing on her exquisite yacht, and who looks like Jennifer Connelly. And you thought it was a fighter pilot fantasy that this movie was selling! In this sequel, Maverick is elected president, cures cancer with the power of his smile, and spends a little more free time riding fast motorcycles. He also saves his girlfriend from the aliens, and it turns out they cloned her, so now she looks like a dozen Jennifer Connellys.

“Top Gun: Firefox”

Look, y’all, this is just a simple rip-off/remake of “Firefox”, the 1982 movie where Clint Eastwood has to travel to Russia, steal their new hypersonic stealth fighter, and fly it in one piece. Let’s not think about it too much. Me, 12, says you can use the exact same script, just change MiG-31 to MiG-73 or whatever and upgrade the special effects. “Let’s see what this baby can do.”

Top Gun: Mission Impossible

Tom Cruise probably gets paid more to run than Travolta ever did to dance, and rightly so. It’s a fascinating thing to watch. So despite the promise of merging two top-notch franchises, this is really just a 90-minute film with 75 minutes of Tom Cruise running. Periodically, there are tense, jargon-filled conversations that imply there’s a reason for all the action, if that makes you feel any better about the concept. For example, it starts with him doing crazy motorcycle stunts, then he spends 20 minutes running between explosions on a third world airfield where a huge explosion-filled battle is going on, jumps in an old F-14 that they parked there for some reason, flies it as high as it can go, ejects, plummets onto a mid-air cargo plane. He runs for a few minutes until he finds a parachute, jumps, lands on top of a train, crosses the top until he crashes into a train station in a big city, crosses that with people shooting at him all the time, then maybe a quick car chase to another exploding airfield where he jumps into a waiting F-35, blows up the guys chasing him, gets hit by a missile , ejects, steals a motorbike, rides it to another airfield that explodes and… wait a minute! It’s the same motorcycle and the same airfield that explodes from the beginning! It’s a loop! The image of Tom Cruise running fades to black and the words “Directed by Christopher Nolan” appear on screen.

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