Every Straw Hat Pirate in One Piece, Ranked by Reputation

The Straw Hat Pirates are the main protagonists of A play. Although they are personal friends of Luffy, they also made a name for themselves based on their outstanding deeds before and after joining the crew. However, their reputation is not always equal.

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Some are so drastically underestimated by their enemies that they are almost completely forgotten, while others are legendary for being literal gods. By classifying them according to how they are perceived, it becomes easier to understand how they influenced the world around them and whether the legend around their names is justified based on their actions.

ten Chopper has one of the lowest bounties in the series

Chopper’s unremarkable reputation is reflected in his generosity. As one of the least popular pirates in the series, he is almost entirely forgotten by the World Government. They see him as a harmless mascot with more symbolic weight for the Straw Hats than any real potential.

To be fair, Chopper didn’t do much to earn their attention. During his life on Drum Island, his accolades as a competent physician were overshadowed by Kureha.

9 Franky’s value plummeted after Pluto’s plans were destroyed

At first, Franky was considered a high priority target because he had Tom’s plans for an Ultimate Battleship. However, he burned them during the attack on Enies Lobby to show his commitment to the Straw Hats. While this made him an official enemy of the World Government, it also reduced his desirability as a potential target.

Plus, Franky can’t even take all the credit for the Thousand Sunny since Iceberg helped him build it. As a result, he is seen as a relatively low-key local mobster who has yet to resurface in Water Seven.

8 Nami has fame with some people

Nami is not particularly prestigious. She has done nothing to warrant the full wrath of the World Government, and her relatively weak combat prowess limits the threat she poses. However, Nami is Big Mom’s nemesis for stealing Zeus and helping Luffy escape from Whole Cake Island.

Considering how she helped overthrow Arlong, she is also a local hero in her home village. Unlike Franky and Chopper, virtually everyone in her hometown looks forward to her return due to the role she played in freeing them from the initial threat of the Fish-Man Pirates.

seven Zoro is known as a skilled warrior

Determined and loyal, Zoro has one of the Straw Hat’s highest bounties due to his lethality in combat. From serving with Mihawk to slicing Enies Lobby in half, he made a name for himself as Luffy’s right-hand man.

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However, Zoro is relatively unknown in his hometown and is only sought after for his fighting skills. Additionally, most of his best fights have gone unreported, limiting how much the average person actually knows who he is. As a result, Zoro’s entire reputation is essentially that of an enemy of the World Government.

6 Brook is a beloved celebrity

After being captured by the Longarm Tribe, Brook quickly made a name for himself with his musical talents and gruesome appearance. Before long, he took on the identity of the “Soul King” and filled theaters with every performance.

Although incredibly popular among ordinary people, Brook’s reputation has yet to help the Straw Hats on any significant level. It is also considered one of the lower priority threats by the World Government because it is not particularly powerful.

5 Sanji was the forsaken prince of Germa 66

Sanji was the forgotten descendant of the Vinsmoke family. Too weak and too kind to fulfill his imperial duties, his father demanded that he give up his name before officially disowning it.

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However, the whole world realized Sanji for who he was during the events of Whole Cake Island. Reluctantly rescuing his ungrateful family, Sanji revealed himself to be a hero of Germa 66 and was given a raid suit that greatly increased his power. Currently, the young man is known both as a world-class leader and as a descendant of a powerful technological empire.

4 Robin was a brilliant linguist recognized by the revolutionary army

As one of the only people alive who can read poneglyphs, Nico Robin is by far the most irreplaceable member of Luffy’s crew. She proved so desirable that Crocodile recruited her to be his right-hand man for the Baroque Works agency.

Considered a “Devil’s Child” by the World Government, Robin is perhaps the best way to experience Laugh Tale and realize the legacy of Gol D. Roger. She was so well known that the Revolutionary Army personally rescued her when she was sent to a labor camp by Kuma.

3 Jimbe was a warlord of the sea and a hero of fishmen everywhere

A former member of the legendary Sun Pirates, Jimbe’s talents were widely recognized. The World Government made him a warlord, and Big Mom herself endorsed him as an emissary between her and the citizens of Fishman Island.

Jimbe is also loved by his people.

During the escape from Whole Cake Island, they came to her aid in order to stop Big Mom’s invading forces. Even Wadatsumi – a giant once in the service of Hody Jones, changed his mind due to Jimbe’s heroism.

2 Some people call Usopp a god

Despite being called a serial liar by his hometown, Usopp has a surprisingly strong reputation. By freeing the Gladiators of Dressrosa from Sugar, he earned the title of “god” and the unwavering loyalty of his new friends.

This nickname extended far beyond the world of pirates. When the Marines first heard of what Usopp had done, they changed his bounty poster to reflect his new title. Ultimately, Usopp is arguably more responsible for the Straw Hat Grand Fleet than Luffy himself, which is comical given his cowardly behavior.

1 Luffy is a world hero

Luffy’s reputation easily exceeds that of the crew. Besides being Dragon’s son, he was Ace’s brother and Rayleigh’s apprentice. This gave him tangible ties to Whitebeard and Gol D. Roger, two of the most powerful men in history. The hero’s connections also extend to the world government itself.

By saving Alabasta, Dressrosa, Drum Kingdom, and Fish-Man Island, he earned the allegiance of their respective rulers. While they can’t explicitly endorse Luffy just yet, such resources will be invaluable in the final effort to overthrow the Sky Dragons and their corrupt Gorosei Lords. Now that Luffy has saved Wano, his army is virtually unstoppable.

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