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This episode is hard to rewatch as a whole because it’s kind of split into three parts. I will do my best to distribute them evenly.

The opening section focuses on troubleshooting. Big Mom manages to deliver some big hits and we get some wonderful sequences where her lips are imposed on the white backdrop. Even after all this time since its introduction, it continues to inspire fear and provide viewers with excellent attack animations to savor. Additionally, Page One’s lawsuit against Usopp and Nami continues; Honestly, I forgot that was still happening, but the shot of Nami electrifying her is, well, electrifying – animated brand new and with a terrific hunter reaction shot of Usopp and Nami together. They are always a delight.

The middle section focuses on Eustass and Killer battling Hawkins. I must admit that out of all the Wano threads, I find Killer oddly endearing. There’s not much in terms of moral conflict or high stakes here: the killer has been used and he’s bitter about it, so he’s going to live up to his name and shed blood. That’s really it. Simple, straightforward, and definitely relatable, it’s nice to have that overt revenge plot in Wano, because it’s incredibly easy to go back and root for Killer in the blink of an eye.

The last section is the fight between Luffy and Kaido and…wow. I said it and say it again here I repeat it for the hundredth: the Toei the team does everything for us. The shimmering golden sparks, the expertly cut flashbacks, the gorgeous backgrounds, the sense of raw energy that emanates from every punch…it truly feels like the fight at the top of the world that will usher in a new era. And when Luffy does an uppercut and “WE ARE” sounds, it’s hard not to feel the same rush I felt when I fell in love with the show. This boy will truly be king of the pirates, and Toei anointed him with a crown of glittering jewels with their animation.


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