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The battle on top of the world continues, and it’s a spectator. The Toei The team has been dropping park visuals over and over again, and this week is no different. The fire and lightning effects are spectacular, and the constant momentum of the camera perfectly captures the scale of the battle. Although these sequences only take up a small portion of the runtime, it’s clear that they are the highlight segments and really highlight the effort put into one of anime’s most important arcs. the most important thing in our life.

The majority of the episode however takes place elsewhere, particularly with the Akazaya Nine and Momonosuke. As I mentioned before, the experience from week to week in the Wano arc can vary wildly because there are so many cast members and you may find yourself disinterested or disconnected from a group. particular you are focusing on. This week is on the more positive side of the spectrum as I’m invested in these new characters – and I think most fans (at least in my bubble) are too.

Oden figures prominently in every decision this week. Kanjuro uses his likeness to confuse and scare Oden’s former servants, while Momonosuke struggles with the ways he doesn’t measure up to his father. It all ties into Oden’s transition from person to myth and what that does to the real people in his life. They can no longer see him as a “righteous” human; he has grown larger than life and his legacy casts a shadow over them all. The evil delight Kanjuro takes in twisting Oden’s likeness to harm the Akazaya Nine is a lot of villainy, and it’s engaging to watch all the way. These scenes are also interesting to think about for those of us who are up to date with the manga and know how important these echoes will be in the future.


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