Elder Shichibukai’s Fate, Explained

The Shichibukai were introduced quite early in the A play series as seven mighty pirates who roam the seas freely. Unlike regular pirates, they were not hunted down by the navy as these pirates worked for the government and helped them eliminate other pirates. In return, they were allowed to continue living their lives on the seas with great freedom and to continue being ruthless pirates. Becoming a Shichibukai is definitely not easy as one needs to have tremendous strength and an aura that would intimidate other powerful pirates.


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As the story goes, these seven pirates became crucial to the politics of the many islands Luffy visited. In One Piece Alabasta’s bow, Crocodile, one of the Shichibukai, was the main enemy and stood in Luffy’s way. Similarly, the Thriller Bark arc saw Gecko Moria controlling the Florian Triangle from the shadows and stealing the shadows of everyone who crossed the sea. of Whitebeard and their allies clashed against the World Government and these seven pirates. The Dressrosa arc was quite similar to the Alabasta arc and saw Doflamingo attempt to sink a country into the ground. While the Shichibukai were certainly useful to the government, their abuse of this power ultimately led to the system’s disbandment. Now every member of the Shichibukai is hunted by the Navy, just like every other pirate.

Buggy’s Destiny

Buggy rose to the position of Shichibukai after the Paramount War, thanks to his ties to the Roger Pirates and Shanks. After obtaining this position of power, he established himself as a great figure in the underworld of the A play world. Following the system’s disbandment, Buggy was hunted like any other pirate, however, he appears to have survived the ordeal. It was recently revealed that Buggy continued to fall and earned an even more prestigious position as a pirate. Buggy is one of the Sea Yonko, following Big Mom and Kaido’s downfall. It’s highly likely that he’ll play a crucial role in future arcs, given that he holds such a prestigious title. Buggy will continue to be hunted, however, the alliances he has will definitely come to his aid and help him when needed.

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Mihawk’s Fate

Dracule Mihawk is one of the strongest characters in the One Piece world. As the strongest swordsman in the world, Mihawk needs little or no protection and is not afraid to navigate the most perilous seas alone. While the Navy certainly hunts Mihawk, he’s not one to shy away from a challenge. By Chapter 956, it was quite evident that Mihawk relished the challenge of the Navy. He certainly won’t be defeated until Zoro finally faces him in battle, and as such he’s in no immediate danger. At the same time, the Navy probably realizes that sending their full force after him would only be a waste as he is simply too strong and too dangerous to be treated so casually. Mihawk’s role in the final saga is yet to be determined, however, it will likely be something very interesting.

The Fate of Boa Hancock

Boa Hancock is one of the show’s most beloved characters and one that fans are sure to look forward to seeing in action. Having received the Shichibukai title after just one trip, it’s no surprise that Hancock is feared the world over. After she was stripped of this position, the Navy targeted Amazon Lily, however, it is likely the island itself is safe.

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While Hancock is strong enough to fend off any danger, Oda’s message from Jump Festa from a few years ago seems to imply that she is in danger. It’s possible that Hancock was captured by someone as capable as an Admiral, however, she will most definitely be rescued by someone like Luffy in the final war. Fans will then be able to see what she is truly capable of in battle and why she deserves the title “Pirate Empress”.

The Fate of Edward Weevil

Weevil is one of the most curious additions Oda has made to the story so far. Introduced after the timeskip, Weevil is the self-proclaimed son of Whitebeard. While he certainly doesn’t look like him, his strength resembles that of the older Yonko, as confirmed by Kizaru himself. He is supposed to be monstrously powerful as he once wiped out a group of Whitebeard Pirates allies. It’s possible he’s captured by the navy, however, that wouldn’t serve any narrative purpose as he’s not someone at home that a rescue arc can be based on. Weevil will most likely survive the encounter against the Navy and then fight Marco or eventually become an ally. Although he looks like an antagonist, he is being manipulated by his mother and it is possible that he will become a good guy over time.

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