Demystifying Crypto Jargon: A Glossary for Bitcoin Enthusiasts


Consider investing in cryptocurrencies, registering on the crypto exchange platform is definitely the first thing you would do. There are over 600 exchange platforms giving you an easy and seamless trading experience. However, we cannot conclude that all of these exchanges are perfect for you.

Therefore, it is important to go through each of them and find out its main features. Once you are convinced of this, you can register and start trading. But, before taking this step, it is also important to be familiar with all the terminologies and jargon of this field.

Since the crypto market is new, many investors who have recently started trading are trying to jump into the pool. But doing it without information will not help you. Therefore, it is recommended to always know the key terms prevalent in the crypto market.

The Insider’s Guide to Understanding Cryptography Terms

  1. Today’s transactions- The first term we discuss is crypto day trading. Every trader has an investment strategy. The day trading option is very popular among crypto traders as it is a good crypto trading strategy that involves selling stocks traded within the same day.
  1. bull market– When the market is bullish or when there is a bullish market, prices in the market generally rise over a set period of time. Usually, this period is considered a positive trend in the market.
  1. Bear Market- it is a negative trend or when the market starts, or prices start to fall. Usually investors try to buy at this time or when the market is bearish.
  1. Alternative Cryptocurrencies- When we start exploring the crypto market, every investor comes across different terms like cryptocurrencies or alternative cryptocurrencies or bitcoin. Therefore, a common question here is whether all of these are the same or different. Coming to the functional part and how all these cryptocurrencies work is the same; however, when it comes to using cases, alternative cryptocurrencies may have different uses compared to bitcoin.

While bitcoin’s role is limited to transactions, alternative cryptocurrencies are subdivided into stablecoins, tokens, and forks. Therefore, every cryptocurrency currency that exists in the market other than bitcoin is called an alternative cryptocurrency. About 40% of the crypto market is captured by bitcoin, while the rest of the 60% is hidden by cryptocurrencies or alternative cryptocurrencies. Some common examples that feature on this list are Ethereum, Litecoin, Dodge Coin, and others.

  1. Cryptography- An important term that you absolutely need to know is cryptography. Cryptography plays an important role when it comes to ensuring the utmost safety and security of trading factors in a decentralized platform. Cryptography is not limited to cryptocurrencies. Rather, it finds application in our day-to-day programming, which is used to create a safe system. It helps secure blockchain and cryptocurrencies through SHA 256.
  1. dApp- These programs work on the Blockchain system. Here comes Ethereum, another popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoins. These are used to develop smart contracts. Smart contracts are basically digitized contracts that have predetermined terms and conditions. The dApp helps in the automation of systems, ensuring seamless transactions between buyers and sellers. The use of smart contracts is growing across the various industry segments, with its deepest use being seen in the real estate market.


This is the basic information on the key terms you will come across in the crypto market. Therefore, you should start reading as much as you can about the crypto market before signing up on any of the crypto exchange platforms. At the same time, it is also important to do your research on crypto exchanges.

Crypto investors looking for profitable results can consider connecting to a credible platform like the BitcoinPro. There are several other crypto exchanges you can explore. However, do not make a decision in haste. Always emphasize learning the crypto market first, then making the investment decision. So what are you waiting for? Join crypto communities where you can get the most credible and authentic information about the crypto ecosystem.

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