Demon Slayer Season 3: Is The Anime Still On Top? We saw episode 1!

news culture Demon Slayer Season 3: Is The Anime Still On Top? We saw episode 1!


While manga fans have turned their eyes to television adaptations of Chainsaw Man or Blue Lock in recent months, another behemoth is set to return to the small screen: Demon Slayer, a cult work with several franchises in Japan. JV’s editorial staff was able to attend the broadcast of the first episode of Season 3 during the Demon Slayer World Tour, and here are their first impressions.

Demon Slayer in short

If there’s a manga that’s been a hit in recent years, it’s good Monster Slayer (aka Kimetsu no Yaiba) by Koyoharu Gotoge. In 2020, it broke the sales record of an exceptional 80 million volumes in one year in Japan. He joins caste, only composed Kenshin the Wanderer And Hunter X HunterIt has sold more than the same volume a piece. A notoriety has developed for its television adaptation directed by the animation studio Ufotable. Japanese audiences even flocked to the movies Demon Slayer: The Infinity Train. Here’s a chance to see the continuation of Tanjiro Kamado’s adventures on the big screen. The success in all respects is greater than at the meeting with a Japanese box office hit. Be it the number of entries or revenue generated, Demon Slayer The Infinity Train Collects all records of Japanese movies And choice outstrips the behemoths encouraged away or your name.

Despite the film’s success, production house Aniplex decided to return to a more classic format for Season 2 and Season 3: the animated series broadcast on the small screen. Season 2 returns to the stage this month, simulcast in France via specialized SVOD platforms in winter 2021. Demon Slayer World Tour : A film shown all over the world Which allows fans to (re)appreciate its narratively compelling conclusion Anand District Time to prepare for the sequel with the first episode of the third season.

An animation that promises a lot

As expected, it takes about shot to shot of the mangaka’s drawn boards. What resists that narrative arc Village of blacksmiths (covered by the third season) A direct continuation of The Adventures of Tanjiro. If neophytes are able to follow along without possibly being up to date, they will surely miss many issues and script keys. This third season scenario is essential to a better understanding.

Perhaps the desire to begin because of the work of ufotable, which does full justice to the characters: They explode into a very neat landscape whose atmosphere is evident even behind the fourth wall. There is an observation made for the protagonists but also the antagonists that we look at for a long time in this first episode. Also, it is necessary to underline the work of the voice actors who give a second life to the dialogues and especially the individuals for the many strokes of humor.

Unfortunately, if this first episode is very promising, it doesn’t necessarily guarantee quality for the sequel. However, we cannot Nothing but excitement as Season 3 approaches : Fight scenes will be present, a new opportunity for Ufotable to show off its skills in animation and colorful special effects. What could be the anime of 2023?. While waiting for its broadcast in France around April (the simulcast has not yet been communicated), we can always revisit the 44 episodes already available or get an idea of ​​what awaits us by (re)reading from volume n°12. .

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