Crypto, the new Eldorado of American influencers

some bread on a wooden board – The most ardent crypto enthusiasts like to use metrics to show how “early” they are in adoption (early, in the first batch).volume, activity wind up, the population connected to the Internet is growing, and the metrics they censor are multiple. Educational content is also part of it. In fact, the crypto ecosystem is complex and requires minimal research to develop peacefully.In education, the survey Morning consultation There‚Äôs still a long way to go about the relationship Americans have with cryptocurrencies and influencers from all walks of life.

Crypto and Influencers: An Explosive Cocktail

Morning Consult, a firm specializing in financial and economic data, seeks to learn more about celebrity influence in the decision-making process potential investors. This survey sheds light on the dangerous link between cryptocurrency investing and influencers.

Who better than the promotion of a notorious project? Kim Kardashian ? Prominent influencers drive the project Ethereum Max on Instagram in 2021. she is a boxer and other colleagues Floyd Mayweather and former NBA players Paul Pierce.

Kim Kardashian is in a hot spot today after promoting an Ethereum-inspired crypto project
Kim Kardashian posted two Instagram posts promoting Ethereum Max.

For her investigation, Charlotte Principato dedicated this article, which is also worth trying out by Kim K. 3 out of 10 cryptocurrency holders Read the post of American star. This is the most affected category, which doesn’t seem illogical given the ad targeting algorithm.

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In all, Nearly one in five users Respondents saw this promotional content. Going viral can cause a snowball effect and create shockwaves that can reach targets that weren’t originally intended.

numbers and observations

Investors already exposed to crypto assets are the most gullible because They are particularly targeted. These are “ordinary” communication operations that are done every day for a whole bunch of products. Not necessarily recommendable either, but certainly less risky!

Morning Consult's survey is overwhelming in terms of heavy spending on networks like youtube or facebook and crypto investments like bitcoin or solana
Percentage of individuals who will invest in cryptocurrencies if these people approve.

The graph above summarizes the investment decisions made by those promoting it. Throughout the sample, 20% have no experience with cryptocurrencies Will follow the advice of celebrities. The proportion rose to 45% Among those already involved, when one might think the public is more informed and vigilant.

However, ad targeting cannot take all responsibility.certainly Social networks provide visibility Some suspicious items. All viewers are unqualified or unqualified. But the root of the problem lies in the apparent lack of education in these subjects.

bitcoin In the corner of a table or screen, cryptocurrencies cannot be understood in minutes. Especially since these fields are interdisciplinary and involve multiple disciplines, starting with individual disciplines.

New types of assets represented by cryptocurrencies mainly focus on the youngest population. They are generally first-time homebuyers and may not necessarily have investment experience. Even more so in transactions. In terms of prevention, all responsible actors try to educate as much as possible and warn about the risks associated with cryptocurrencies. In action, U.S. justice is mobilizing In the case of Ethereum Max. We expect the same to happen in France, as internet users often expose suspicious items without judicial follow-up.

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