Could this poster contain a big secret about Season 5 of Stranger Things?

If you’ve been on Creative Bloq at some point in the last month, you might have noticed that we’re a bit obsessed with Stranger Things – and for good reason. Netflix’s success has rocked the internet with its gripping storyline, retro aesthetic, and brilliant promotional campaigns. And now fans have realized that one poster in particular has a lot more to offer than we originally imagined.

TikTok fans have spotted a fascinating Easter egg in ST4’s character posters and the theories about it are blowing my mind. As you can see, each character is positioned on the posters above the building they are in for most of the show. (for example, the posters of Hopper and Joy present the Russian prison). However, the poster of Karen Wheeler (yeah, Mike’s mom) left fans with some serious questions. (If you haven’t caught up with season four yet, check out the best TVs for a truly immersive and eerie experience).

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