coda: Troy Kotsur of ‘CODA’ becomes the 1st deaf man to win an Oscar. His winning speech will make you cry

Troy Kotsur has become the first deaf man to win an Oscar, winning the Best Supporting Actor Oscar on Sunday for his role as a fisherman and father in the family drama “CODA.” The victory was an emotional moment for the actor, who delivered a heartbreaking speech thanking his father, whom he called his “hero”. The 53-year-old also thanked his wife and daughter, whom he called his biggest fans.

When Kotsur left his seat, after his name was announced, it seemed like the actor’s heart and eyes were full as he headed for the Best Supporting Actor award. After a long, three-decade career in theatre, television and film for deaf and hearing audiences, this was Kotsur’s crowning achievement. However, he shared his victory with the deaf community.

Accepting the Oscar with a touching signed speech, translated by an interpreter, Kotsur spoke about his father. The actor said: “He (his father) had a car accident and he became paralyzed from the neck down and he was no longer able to sign. Dad, I learned so much from you. I will always love you. are my hero. Thank you to my biggest fans, my wife and daughter Kira and my home state of Mesa, Arizona and Mark Finly my manager, and our team. I just wanted to say that this is dedicated to the deaf community, the CODA community and the disability community. It’s our time. To my mother, my father and my brother Mark, they are not here today, but look at me now.

In “CODA,” an acronym for “child of deaf adults,” Kotsur plays Frank Rossi, teenage Ruby’s father who struggles to help his family’s fishing business while pursuing his own musical aspirations.

The only other deaf person to win an Oscar was Kotsur’s “CODA” co-star Marlee Matlin. She won Best Actress for her role in the romantic drama “Children of a Lesser God” in 1986.

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Kotsur was born deaf and raised in Arizona as the only non-hearing member of his family, attending Phoenix Day School for the Deaf and a suburban high school in Mesa.

Most of Kotsur’s credits have come from acting, with roles in “Of Mice and Men,” “A Streetcar Named Desire,” and a Broadway production of “Big River: The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.”

He also appeared in an episode of the “Star Wars” television series “The Mandalorian” and created a fictional sign language for the Tusken Raiders on the planet Tatooine.

Kotsur won supporting actor honors over Ciaran Hinds for ‘Belfast’, JK Simmons for ‘Being the Ricardos’ and Kodi Smit-McPhee and Jesse Plemons, both nominated for their roles in ‘The Power of the Dog’ .

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