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The idea of ​​finding a specific character from High Republic in the live series Acolyte Were you happy? So this news will make you even more happy because yesterday at Celebration 2023 there was a panel dedicated to the High Republic! We’ve been waiting for details on the launch of Phase III, and at least we can say we weren’t disappointed…

Wait, phase three? And the second stage, then, is all this?

Night of Sorrow (End of Phase II)

A fearsome creature, a Jedi and the matriarch of the Path Cult… Who will emerge victorious?

Did you think, like all of us, that Phase II was about to end? No! All the stories in the second episode will end in a “night of misery” (literally “a night of sorrow/sorrow/pain”), but in what form? Mystery for now! We can be reasonably sure it will happen this summer or early fall…

Examination of the Jedi (Phase III)

The celebration was the occasion to unveil a teaser poster for the third episode, titled: Trials of the Jedi (literally “Judgment of the Jedi”). It will begin one year after the fall of the Stellar Beacon, the shock event that closed the first phase, as well as Marchion Row’s speech, The Eye of the Nihil, in which he publicly revealed himself to the entire galaxy.

It’s up to you: who is who?

This third phase will therefore begin with the first wave, which will officially begin with the novel eyes of darkness, signed by George Mann and available 11/14/2023, and so we’d assume that the famous I/well in the title would refer to the so-called Marchion Row… but who knows! We will then continue with youth novels Escape from ValoBy Daniel Jose Older and Alyssa Wang which will be released on 01/30/2024, then this first wave will end with young adult novels. Defy the stormBy Tessa Gratton and Justina Ireland, who will have to wait until 03/12/2024!


So, like the first phase, there will be three youth novels:


Three young adult novels:


and three adult novels, the other two being Temptation of the forcesBefore the Period Ends by Tessa Gratton (Summer 2024). Judgment of the Jedi, by Charles Soule (Spring 2025). Sol will therefore return to complete the loop he started with the first adult novel in Phase 1: Light of the Jedi !

Naturally, this third phase will be accompanied by the now conventional regular series of comics respectively from Marvel High Republic (with Cavan Scott still on the screenplay) and Dark Horse High Republic Adventure (on which we’ll continue to find Daniel Jose Older) that will both relaunch at #1 in December 2023, not by then! 🙂 And High Republic will also continue to be rejected in news format via Star Wars Insider, as usual since the project launched.

So, excited about all these announcements? We talk about it in the forum!

And see you soon for the next ActuaLitté! 😉


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