April 1, 6 p.m. Weather Forecast Update – Cool and wet with some additional wet flakes possible next weekend | Time

With partly to mostly cloudy skies tonight, a spitting of an isolated dusting or snow pellets is possible this evening. Temperatures will hit the 30s to lower 40s before dropping to near 29-34 at 11pm.

Later in the night, the low clouds erode completely, but thick high and mid level clouds quickly replace them.

Winds will become light and shift to the southeast before strengthening after 6 a.m.

This will drop the wind chill to 21-28 with lows of 26-32, then potentially increase by a hair to 29-33.



The Alberta Clipper system will pass tomorrow late morning through afternoon with increasing winds. Gusts of 35 mph are possible from south to southwest with sustained winds at 20-25 mph.

Highs will be 38 to 49 with wind chills near 29 to near 40 with those winds.

A wave of rain will spread over the area, but it could mix with sleet and snow early in the central and northern parts of the viewing area.

In the northwest it may turn to snow for a while with brief, fast slush up to 1″ possible.

Precipitation trends a few isolated rain showers/snow showers tomorrow evening with winds becoming northwest at 15-30 mph.

A total of 0.08-0.20″ of liquid is expected on Saturday.

Lows of 31 to 36 are expected with wind chills near 20 to 20 higher.




A mix of cloud and sun is expected on Sunday (more sun in the extreme southwest) with clouds bubbling up some isolated rain showers/graupal with cold air aloft and relatively freezing levels down.

Highs of 44-53 are expected with a northwesterly wind of 8-17 mph.




Another Alberta Clipper is expected to pass Monday with a flurry of showers.

After a break, a southern system could bring a wave of rain on Tuesday.

A vigorous clipper will pass through the area on Wednesday.

A wave of rain and thunder is expected around noon, then the sun appears. It is possible in this sun that a beam of scattered thunderstorms will develop to the east and southeast of the center of the Mower surface low and rotate through Wednesday afternoon-early evening.

This would occur with the cold air aloft in the heart of the upper trough as it swings.

With temperatures potentially reaching 61-66, the potential is there for a few isolated severe storms (hail, wind) from our area in Missouri to western Kentucky.

We will monitor.

After that, much colder air enters with lots of cold air aloft resulting in rain/snow/grey showers Thursday through Friday.

It will also be windy, with northwest winds reaching perhaps 40 mph.

Tops will only work 36-44.

There is potential for a few pockets of very minor accumulation of grassy snow Thursday evening-Friday morning and possible Friday evening.



For The Challenge Walk/Run 5K at Purdue on Saturday April 9, the morning is chilly.

The sky seems generally clear at this point with a low near 26 around 8 a.m., then 29 around 9 and 37 around 10 a.m. At noon, cumulus clouds are still expected to develop throughout the sky. The wind should be west-northwest at 15-20 mph at that time with the temperature near 43.

The high in Greater Lafayette is expected around 50, but west-northwest winds blowing at 26 mph in the afternoon should make it colder.

Global highs of 47 to 53 are expected across the region.

Hopefully that changes and he ends up much hotter. The timing isn’t the best, though, as it looks like the warm-up won’t happen until Monday now.

Lows of 26-29 are expected on Saturday evening, followed by highs on Sunday April 10 at 48-54 with sunshine and some cumulus clouds (less than Saturday though). Winds seem north at 10-20 mph.

Thus, the cold weekend of April 9-10 is currently expected for Purdue Springfest.

Again, I’m hoping the warm-up goes faster, but that’s how the data comes out and matches my long-term analog predictions with those games from 1982, 1994, 1996, 2018.

Note the lower normal temperatures:


A distinct change occurs around the middle of the month. Note the normal temperatures above!

After such a cool weekend of April 9 and 10, the weekend of April 16 and 17 promises to be HOT! Highs of nearly 83 are possible.


The West is becoming cool and unstable, but the heat will invade the region with frequent very hot gusts during the period from April 16 to 29.


An active storm track across the Midwest and northern Plains is expected. Above normal precipitation is therefore likely. Additionally, severe weather and disease outbreaks can be common in our area.


Now the long term is catching up with the analog trend of a cool early May spell.

A few frosts are likely.


It also indicates below normal precipitation for this period.


As in 1982, 1994, 1996, 2018, we are expected to transition into a summer surge in mid to late May with extreme weather hazards and above normal rainfall.

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