Although Naruto is one of the most popular anime series, fans debate many details about the series.

naruto is one of the most popular anime series of all time. As one of the Big Three, it’s no surprise that it remains one of the best even years after its conclusion. While it’s a beloved shonen classic that most anime fans adore, it’s not free of issues. With such a long lifespan and over 700 episodes under its belt, it’s only natural that the series isn’t always a fan favorite.

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Throughout his journey, naruto made some pretty shocking and controversial decisions, and not all fans agreed with their outcome. Many of these shocking twists have divided the fandom, with some angered by the direction the series has taken and others pleasantly surprised.

ten Its long duration gives fans plenty of content, but makes it difficult for newcomers

Like most shonen, naruto had an incredibly long run, lasting nearly fifteen years before finally ending in 2017. For many fans, a long series like this is great. It offers viewers tons of content to work with and is perfect for anyone looking for something to binge watch.

However, the long-running shonen series aren’t for everyone, and many loyal fans have grown tired of waiting for the series to end. As a result, many longtime fans ended up dropping out of the series, only picking it up once it was near its final end.

9 Its huge cast of characters has its downsides

Over the years, naruto has gained a huge cast of beloved characters that make the series the amazing story that it is. Unfortunately, for some fans, sometimes there can be too much of a good thing. Thanks to its bloated cast, the show tends to overlook many fan-favorite characters.

Almost all of the show’s secondary characters are sidelined from the main plot, hardly ever seeing screen time. It’s a huge disappointment for fans who prefer the supporting cast, as some characters virtually disappear for most of the series.

8 Fans love Team 7, but they’re stealing the show too much

It’s no surprise that the series mainly focuses on the adventures of Team 7. After all, they are the main trio and the ones that everything revolves around. Despite this, many fans grow weary of the series placing such heavy emphasis on these three.

They steal the show in just about every situation, though another character could easily take their place. Fans love Team 7, but many would like to see other teams used more instead. Unfortunately, the series prioritizes the main characters, leaving everyone behind.

seven Naruto is super overpowered by the end, and fans are torn about it

Naruto Uzumaki comes from the humblest of beginnings at the start of the series. He is shunned, hated and considered a joke by his peers. Nevertheless, he doesn’t give up, and soon enough, Naruto becomes the most powerful ninja in history. Many fans are all in favor of this decision, considering that the adorable protagonist fully deserves such power.

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However, others are not so sure if they feel the same. After a while, Naruto feels almost too overpowered, losing a lot of that quirky charm he had when he was just a nothing. While it makes sense that Naruto would gain a lot of power, some see his abilities as just excessive.

6 Some Fans Like The Ninja War Arc, But Others Don’t

The Ninja War arc is the final arc of naruto, and everyone unites to fight against the big bad guys in the fourth big ninja war. It’s the big showdown where it all comes together, and for the most part, fans are loving this epic battle of the ages.

However, not everyone appreciates this final. Many fans think this arc goes on way too long, throwing way too many curve balls at the audience. With so many shocking twists to the end, this arc becomes a confusing mess for some and leaves many disappointed.

5 The connection between Naruto and Sasuke is important, but it takes up too much of the story

There’s no denying that Naruto and Sasuke have one of the most important relationships in the entire series. Much of the story centers around their bond, and saving Sasuke becomes one of Naruto’s biggest motivations to keep going. Many fans love this dynamic between them.

However, just as many fans think it takes up too much of the plot. From the end of the original series and beyond in Naruto Shippuden, Naruto’s desire to bring Sasuke back is one of the main points of the series. It becomes frustrating, even boring, for some fans, who just wanted to see Naruto achieve his dream of becoming Hokage.

4 Fans are torn over endgame couples

Although it doesn’t play a major role, romance has always been a big part of naruto. Fans all have their favorite ships, and many have debated which is good for whom from the start. When the series ended, everyone finally got to see which couples made the cut, and many of the endgame couples were shocking.

Most surprising of all were the two main relationships, with Naruto marrying Hinata and starting a family and Sasuke and Sakura having a daughter. Some fans were thrilled to finally see these couples reunited. However, many others felt that it made no sense and couldn’t believe their eyes.

3 When the truth about the Uchiha massacre emerged, many didn’t know how to feel

Sasuke wasn’t the only one shocked when he found out the truth about what had happened to his fallen clan. Fans around the world reacted with mixed feelings to this explosive reveal, and it changed everything everyone knew about Itachi and Konoha. Many fans loved this reveal because it proved Itachi was never a villain, to begin with.

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However, many others felt it was a bad call that painted Konoha in a very negative light. The truth only fueled Sasuke’s hatred and need for revenge, frustrating viewers who hoped he could finally turn things around with his abandoned teammates.

2 Sasuke’s redemption is a sigh of relief, but it still has some issues

Ever since Sasuke left Konoha that fateful night, fans have wanted nothing more than to see him redeem himself and rejoin his comrades. Unfortunately, this is something everyone has to wait a very long time to see. Even after all is said and done with Kaguya Otsutsuki, Sasuke still refuses to back down until Naruto finally gives him some sanity.

It goes without saying that the moment Team 7 finally comes together for good is nothing but satisfaction. However, Sasuke’s redemption is a bit problematic, especially given his gruesome crimes. Many believe he let himself go too easily, arguing that he should have been punished much more harshly after all he put everyone through.

1 Beloved characters settle down and start families, giving way to a disappointing new generation

When the war finally ends and the world enjoys peace, fans get a glimpse into the future of their favorite ninjas. The genin they love have all grown up and started their own families. It’s a more than deserved sweet ending after all the characters have been through together.

However, this new generation makes way for the infamous sequel series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations, leaving many wishing he hadn’t been included in the finale at all. Fortunately, with BorutoWith the story of finally improving steadily, there may still be hope for this continuation. But for some fans, the sequel will never be as good as the original, and they’d rather skip it.

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