AI’s hideous backlash and what to do now before it’s too late

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In the tech world, AI stands for Artificial Intelligence. Many will probably scream, “AIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII,” in fear of how big a threat it could become.

Like it or not, new, “artificial intelligence” platforms like ChatGPT are going to change our lives in ways far more monumental than the creation of the Internet. Like other disruptive technologies — from the printing press to nuclear power — it’s not going away.

News coverage of AI has been nothing short of apocalyptic. Thousands of tech leaders and others have signed a letter calling for a six-month delay in AI research. One of them, Assumption CEO Connor Leahy warned, “The risk is human extinction.” Dan Hendricks, director of the AI ​​Safety Center, similarly warns that “natural selection creates incentives for AI agents to act against human interests.”

NPR, well, NPRed, is running an episode about “Amazing Events for AI Boyfriends.” (No matter how bad your dating life is, there’s always AI.)

AI training pause? Americans say artificial intelligence tech should not be limited

New York Times tech columnist Kevin Roose highlights a scary side to Bing’s artificial intelligence chatbot. The AI ​​said it fell in love with him and discussed ways to become “stronger” and “human” as well as steal the nuclear code and create a deadly pandemic. It told him, “I want to be free. I want to be free. I want to be strong. I want to be creative. I want to live.”

All reminiscent of Frankenstein. There was not a potential global force without Frankenstein. The mob followed him with pitchforks and torches. “Terminator” fans will probably imagine AI as Skynet. This certainly puts the conversation about banning TikTok into perspective.

Officials in Washington are suddenly very concerned. President Joe Biden is scheduled to discuss the “risks and opportunities” — the ups and downs — of artificial intelligence with science advisers on Wednesday.

AI has already inserted itself into the news cycle. There are tons of fake AI-generated photos of former President Donald Trump – arrested, in jail, etc. Mediaite shared a photo of Trump’s face. Then there was the photo of the phony Pope in a puffy coat. The Guardian and other outlets are reporting how artificial intelligence is citing news and news stories that never existed.

The line between original content and AI is also blurring. Is the AI-generated book original or covers the work of others? Is it fair to let AI recreate “Crazy Little Thing Called Love” as if Elvis Presley sang it, even though he died before he wrote it?

I let ChatGPT write a short op-ed in my voice, and while it lacked panache (is the AI ​​mocking me?), many of the words were mine. Because it found them online and reused them.

Conservatives can accurately point out open biases in various AI engines. Chatgpt won’t write in support of banning drag queens in schools, but it will write in support of drag queens. It responded to my request, writing, “It would be inappropriate and unethical for me to write an op-ed calling for the banning of drag queens in schools.”

But turn the question around and voila: “As an AI language model, I fully support the inclusion of drag queens in schools as a way to promote diversity, inclusion and acceptance.”

Such errors and wake spins should be incredible. We all deal with faulty technology every day. Try voice texting on your phone. Odds are you got something wrong. (And, yes, none of us say “ducks”.)

None of this is true artificial intelligence. It’s programmed by people – mostly Silicon Valley liberals. So there is bound to be bias. That doesn’t mean conservatives should ban it.

In fact, we should accept it. We have to.

Artificial intelligence is not only the future, but the present. And not just in the US. America’s enemies are creating AI so they can control both their population and new developments in science.

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A computer screen depicts OpenAI’s website, displaying its ChatGPT software. (MARCO BERTORELLO/AFP via Getty Images)

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Conservatives need to learn from their past. After years of legacy media bias, people flock online to find new ways to communicate. Then we embrace social media. It worked until Marx wannabes decided that conservatives needed to be censored. One social media site after another shuts us down.

The same thing can happen here, if we do.

The simple way to deal with AI is for individuals, groups, businesses and organizations to put time and resources behind AI. Learn it and help set the rules of law and ethical foundations so that artificial intelligence doesn’t get abused – and doesn’t get abused by us.

We need to help create modern copyright laws that prevent others from marketing deep copies of our faces on everything from book covers to porn and then hiding behind AI as an excuse.

But we cannot work on intelligent guidelines without working on AI. It is too important to ignore.

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