Aakash Chopra says 1st India vs West Indies ODI was the definition of a humdinger

Aakash Chopra pointed out that the first ODI between Team India and West Indies was the definition of a humdinger.

The Men in Blue set a goal of 309 points for the Windies after being asked to strike first at Queen’s Park Oval in Port of Spain, Trinidad on Friday July 22. The hosts nearly overhauled the goal before ultimately losing the game by just three runs.

While reviewing the game in a video shared on his YouTube channel, Aakash Chopra pointed out that it was different from the usually mundane ODI matches. He said:

“What a game in the end boss, India won the game by just three runs, it was an extremely interesting game. I’m not a huge fan of ODI cricket but if there is a definition of a humdinger , this game reminded us of that.”

The cricketer-turned-commentator pointed out that the scoreboard will not be a true reflection of the game. Aakash Chopra explained:

“If you haven’t seen this game until the end, you’ll see the scoreboard – Shikhar Dhawan, Shubman Gill and Shreyas Iyer scored, then they slowed down in the middle or at the end – you’ll remember of all this but you won I did not learn that there was a save by Sanju Samson, thanks to which, in my opinion, India won this game.”

Shikhar Dhawan (97), Shubman Gill (64) and Shreyas Iyer (54) were the only Indian batters to break the 30-point mark. Sanju Samson, who contributed 12 runs in India’s innings, made an excellent save on the fifth ball in the final overturned by Mohammed Siraj to keep India in the game.

“It looked like 15 points would be scored” – Aakash Chopra on the final knocked down by Mohammed Siraj

Sanju Samson save saved the day for India [P/C: Twitter]
Sanju Samson’s save saved the day for India [P/C: Twitter]

Aakash Chopra observed that West Indies were almost on track to score the required 15 runs in the final over. He precised :

“15 runs were needed in the final over and it looked like 15 runs would be scored. He almost got to that stage because there was only one ball, although the story could have ended if a four had been hit on the last ball, where Mohammed Siraj threw a wide and Sanju Samson stopped that ball with a huge dive.”

Chopra pointed out that the game would have been done and dusted if Samson hadn’t made that brilliant save. The 44-year-old explained:

“The thin leg defender was slightly wide and that ball would have been a four, which means five wide, and that would have been the game. You won the game by just three runs. So if it had been a four, the story would have ended but it didn’t.”

Aakash Chopra concluded by stating that Samson’s diving stoppage, which will not be reflected in the record books or discussed much, was a very critical moment in the match.

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