‘A Scam’, New Demon Slayer Movie Hits US Box Office, Fans Furious

news culture ‘A Scam’, New Demon Slayer Movie Hits US Box Office, Fans Furious


Coming out of the movie, some Demon Slayer fans expressed their displeasure about Kimetsu no Yaiba – On the Way to the Blacksmith’s Village. Is it legal or not?

Last weekend, new production Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – On the Way to the Village grossed $10 million for its debut in the US and Canada according to figures reported to IGN by Comscore. An excellent score and yet, it’s still only half of what the last feature film, The Infinity Train, brought in on its opening weekend in 2021 with $21 million. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba – On the Road to the Village of Blacksmiths is not a true animated film designed for cinema, but a collection of episodes 10 and 11 of the Pleasure Quarters arc, followed by the first episode of the season. 3, i.e. village arc of blacksmiths. A very different approach to Train of the Infinite, which adapted an unprecedented arc into animation for cinema before cutting it into different parts for streaming viewing. And the reactions are quite mixed.

When fans are disillusioned

For many fans, the unreleased portion was clearly not enough to justify such a release., some even provoking a “scandal,” to use the words identified by our colleagues at IGN, with more than half of the film serving as a summary at the end. “Don’t waste your time with this, save money“, “They ripped everyone off with this Demon Slayer “movie” but I guess it could have been worse“, “They got me with this movie that made me watch two recap episodes and one new episode“Can we read a handful of tweets. Others will admit that the description of the film was rather honest in its content.

This new film will feature episodes 10 and 11 of the Pleasure Quarters arc, praised for its frantic action scenes and heartbreaking scenes, as well as the first episode of the next arc, The Blacksmith’s Village. On this occasion, the episodes have been converted to 4K and the music has been remixed for a unique experience on the big screen! – Details assigned

In Japan, this second Demon Slayer film has already met with massive success in its release ten days after its release, with the feature film already recording over two billion in revenue, or just over 14 million euros. As a reminder, the continuation of Tanjiro’s Adventure will be held from April 9. This season 3 will therefore open with the pressure of blacksmiths village. Our heroes will go in search of a new sword for Tanjiro.

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