9 Quotes That Perfectly Summarize Steve As A Character

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Steve Harrington continued to establish himself as one of television’s best and most beloved characters with his outing in stranger things (which, despite the dodgy love triangle, saw Steve’s all-time great moments). He has amazing quotes throughout the season, some of which join a core group that really sums up the character.

From looking at his relationships with other characters to summing up his arc perfectly across the show, Steve has said a lot of great things that really sum up who he is and what his story has been so far. . stranger things.


“Always the babysitter, always the fucking babysitter!”

Season 4 Episode 4 – ‘Chapter 4: Dear Billy’

Steve, Dustin, and Lucas sit down with Max after leaving Vecna ​​in Stranger Things

Even though he secretly loves her, there’s no doubt that Steve gets stuck with the kids more often than not, frustrating the former king of Hawkins High, who shows his frustration when he’s, once again, left for ‘ keep the kids’ because Robin can’t drive.

Steve’s frustration in this scene is one of his funniest moments in Season 4, but it’s not even anger; he loves children and protects them better than anyone else – except Nancy with her guns. This quote is a great example of a typical Steve-esque outburst that fans loved mixed with his babysitting role, two crucial elements of his character.

“I like crazy. You like crazy!”

Season 4 Episode 1 – ‘Chapter One: The Hellfire Club’

Steve and Robin talk crazy in Stranger Things

Steve and Robin, in the minds of many fans, are one of the best duos on stranger thingschallenging Steve and Dustin for that title, and it’s their hilarious yet sweet scenes that make them so good.

This quote and the whole “crazy” exchange not only indicates Steve’s hilarity, but also how this humor can help comfort Robin, who is, throughout Season 4, aware of her massive crush. for Vicky. It’s one of many instances where the two are comfortable as platonic soulmates and Steve is there for Robin.

“It’s Fabergé Organics. The shampoo and conditioner, then when it’s damp, not wet, damp, do four puffs of the Farah Fawcett spray.”

Season 2 Episode 6 – ‘Chapter Six: The Spy’

dust and steve stranger things series 2

It’s in Season 2 that Steve Harrington becomes the iconic mother fans know, and it’s up to him to partner with Dustin, with the two bonding throughout the latter part of the season in particular.

This is one of the first instances where Steve watches/shows genuine care for one of the kids and talks about two things he’s an expert at; hair and women. Steve ‘the Hair’ Harrington was always going to have a particular routine for his signature locks, and it’s that routine, passed down as crucial wisdom to Dustin in one of their finest moments.

“Yeah, that’s me, don’t cream your pants.”

Season 2 Episode 9 – ‘Chapter 9: The Door’

Steve and Billy face off in Stranger Things

The arrival of Billy Hargroves on the scene challenged Steve’s status as the king of Hawkins High. However, Steve didn’t stray from who he was, as this scene where Billy is looking for Max shows perfectly.

This scene has everything a fan could want from an iconic Steve Harrington moment. That first line when Billy asks if it’s really Steve, the growl of frustration when the kids blow up their blankets looking out the window, and Steve defends said kids until the end – to the point where he physically fights Billy – everything that’s a scene (and not just a quote that sums up who Steve is at this point).

“Oh, Eddie, your new best friend Eddie who you think is cooler than me because he’s playing your corny game?”

Season 4 Episode 2 – ‘Chapter 2: The Curse of Vecna’

Steve, Robin, Max and Dustin at Stranger Things Family Video

Steve is nowhere near as nerdy as the kids and has always had a higher social status than them, so despite their incredible chemistry and dynamics, there is a slight cultural divide. This doesn’t harm their relationship, but it does mean that Steve gets jealous of Eddie.

It’s one of the underlying storylines of the first volume of Season 4 and ends up being a joy to watch when Eddie reveals that Dustin worships Steve, despite Steve’s insecurities shown here. This quote shows that even though he makes fun of and shows frustration towards Dustin and the kids, he adores them and cares what they think of him.

“Oh, ladies! I didn’t see you there. Would you like to set sail on an ocean of flavors with me? I’ll be your captain. I’m Steve Harrington.”

Season 3 Episode 1 – ‘Chapter One: Suzie, Are You Copying?’

Steve introduces himself to a group of women while working at Scoops Ahoy in Stranger Things

From Steve and Robin’s iconic Scoops Ahoy work uniform to his charming attitude, this quote is Steve Harrington at his best. Steve’s quest for love and dating has been a big part of the series from the start, and it’s one of many milestones in this arc.

What makes this all the more typical of Steve is that not only is his hilarious, charismatic charm not working, but deep down he probably didn’t want any more meaningless dates, which Dustin points out to him.

“Everything people tell you is important, everything people say you should care about is crap.”

Season 3 Episode 6 – ‘Chapter 6: E Pluribus Unum’

Steve and Robin having a heart to heart in the movie theater bathroom

In season 1 of the series, especially the first six odd episodes, it would have been hard for fans to imagine Steve Harrington, a stereotypical douchey character, becoming one of the sweetest and most beloved characters in the series. series. However, that is what is happening.

Much of it has to do with his realization of these facts that he tells Robin, that the things he enjoyed in high school didn’t really matter, not as much as the love and attention he got. he carries to his platonic soulmate and friends like Dustin. A big part of Steve’s character is how others help him grow and realize what he should care about and what interests him in life, and this quote is an example of how Nancy, Dustin, Robin, etc. helped him do just that.

“I just…I want to help.”

Season 1 Episode 7 – ‘Chapter Seven: The Bathtub’

Even back when Steve wasn’t the most likable character, there was still a lovable guy deep inside him, something that comes out in the show after his fight with Jonathan when he pretty much redeems himself.

Even after being part of the theater vandalism, which was utterly cruel to Nancy, Steve abandons his “friends” to go and help clean it up. “I want to help” isn’t just a sentiment Steve is displaying right now, but one he continually displays throughout the show’s four seasons, in both personal and life-and-death situations.

“I mean… Yeah, Tammy Thompson is cute and all, but I mean, she’s a total screw-up.”

Season 3 Episode 7 – ‘Chapter Seven: The Bite’

Steve and Robin apply for jobs at the Stranger Things video store

One of the most important moments of stranger things for the Steve and Robin characters, it’s when the latter confides in Steve about his sexuality, something she has yet to openly reveal to others.

Steve’s response to this Robin reveal is one of his most memorable moments, and if it hadn’t been so encouraging and heartwarming, many would rightly have fired Steve for not accepting Robin. Robin’s sexuality shouldn’t be shown solely through the prism of the quality and support she gives Steve. But quotes and moments like this perfectly encapsulate his care for those he loves while showing the typical humor that makes so many people love him in those moments.

“Turns out I’m a pretty good babysitter.”

Season 2 Episode 9 – ‘Chapter 9: The Door’

Nancy and Steve talk in Stranger Things

At the start of this exchange with Nancy in Season 2, Steve proclaims himself a bad boyfriend, and while that may be inaccurate – especially after a long character growth – what is undoubtedly true is this part of his quote.

Babysitter, mom, big brother, whatever term is placed on Steve regarding his love of children, he’s the absolute best at it, surpassing some of the show’s parents with his motherly instincts. He fights to the end for these kids not just because he feels he has to, but because he wants to because he loves them all, no matter how much they piss him off.

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