8 times Buggy surprised everyone

Thanks to Buggy’s clever tactics and unholy luck, he never ceases to amaze A play Fans.

The vast majority of shonen manga often forget about the starting villains. Of course, that was never the case with Buggy the Clown. He was the first major pirate that Luffy defeated. Nonetheless, he’s managed to stay relevant to the plot for a very long time now.

There will be heavy manga spoilers in this article, so keep that in mind before going any further. Buggy has always been a joker, but that’s what makes him such a fun character.

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Buggy the Clown always finds creative ways to surprise One Piece readers

8) He almost killed Luffy

Back in Loguetown, Buggy was about to kill Luffy on the execution platform. However, a miracle happened when lightning struck him.

What makes this moment surprising is to look at it with hindsight. It’s really hard to believe that Luffy almost met his end here. His search for the One Piece treasure would have been over. The Straw Hat even smiled before the botched execution.

Keep in mind that it has the initial “D”. Luffy squarely accepted his fate at that exact moment. The only reason he’s still alive is because of mysterious circumstances that weren’t under his control.

7) Buggy teams up with Luffy in Impel Down

For many A play fans, Impel Down was a gold mine for character interactions. Luffy was forced to work alongside Buggy as he wanted to escape from prison and save his brother.

It’s not very often that heroes have to team up with villains to get what they want. By this point in the A play series, no one could have expected Buggy to become such an important ally. Then again, without the Straw Hats by his side, Luffy needed all the help he could get.

Either way, Buggy turned out to be an essential asset. With their combined teamwork, Luffy and Buggy did the unthinkable. They escaped Impel Down, a feat that very few characters could pull off.

6) He survives Mihawk attacks

The best swordsmen in the world should be able to take down anything. Dracule Mihawk developed a legendary reputation for dueling Shanks at the time. This places him in a very elite level of powerful A play fighters.

However, even Mihawk’s sword cannot outrun Buggy the Clown since the Bara Bara no Mi makes him immune to slashing attacks. He demonstrated this ability during the Marineford arc. If it had been anyone else, they would have been cut in half like a piece of Swiss cheese.

Luck or no luck, Buggy walked away without a scratch. Even weaker characters can have favorable matches in A play.

5) Buggy is elevated to Warlord status

After narrowly escaping Marineford with his life, Buggy developed a fearsome reputation.

Through a series of misunderstandings, the Impel Down escapees mistakenly believed he was on par with Shanks himself. As a result, Buggy gained several followers who obeyed his orders.

His sudden rise to power did not go unnoticed by the world government. Just before the A play timeskip, they offered him the position of Warlord. Thus, Buggy became a pirate who had the protection of the world government.

4) He was a member of the Roger Pirates

Gol D. Roger is the former Pirate King and the man who found the One Piece treasure. It was a physical beast at its peak. Because of this, it’s hard to believe he would accept weaklings in his crew. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as lowly apprentices.

During the Impel Down arc, Buggy was revealed to be a member of the Roger Pirates. He was also childhood friends with Shanks, the man who inspired Luffy to become the Pirate King.

This sudden revelation also brings more meaning to the previous scenes. Back in Loguetown, Buggy tried to behead Luffy on the same execution platform Roger died on. He knew what he was doing all the time.

3) Buggy achieves Yonko status

The Wa Land arc is a pivotal moment in the A play series. For several years, Kaido and Big Mom have ruled the seas with their mighty crews. However, after suffering devastating casualties in the Onigashima Raid, this is no longer the case. Kaido and Big Mom were finally defeated.

The World Government stripped them of their prestigious titles, which meant that there were a few vacancies left. It was obvious that Luffy would become a Yonko, but there was still another place. Many fans joked that Buggy could be a potential contender.

In a way, that’s exactly what happened recently A play chapters. Buggy may seem like a mean joker, but everyone takes him seriously now. He certainly doesn’t fool around in the New World. His special ability lies in upward failure.

2) The Cross Guild is completely legit

Before the events of Wano Country, Buggy’s delivery service was not well. He lost Hajrudin and other S-class mercenaries to Luffy in Dressrosa. The World Government also disbanded the Warlord system in the Levely arc.

Keep in mind that his crew is pathetically weak by New World standards. Alvida and Galdino are basically A play starting villains with physically weak stats. However, not only did Buggy manage to evade the Marines, but he also made even stronger allies.

Buggy now leads the Cross Guild, a strong organization made up of Sir Crocodile and Dracule Mihawk. How the clown managed to pull this off remains a mystery. What is known is that the Cross Guild is a serious threat and the World Government is incredibly suspicious of their actions.

1) Marines now have bounties placed on them

#ONEPIECE1056 — Buggy has created an organization where he puts bounties on the heads of marines. Crocodile and Mihawk joined him in this operation. No wonder he was able to achieve yonko status…he targets marines directly. 🤯 https://t.co/YUQL0nKD26

A play has always been a game of cat and mouse between Marines and Pirates. The bounty system ensured that hackers would always look over their shoulders. Anyone can try to claim the rewards for themselves.

Very few characters would dare directly challenge the World Government. Surprisingly, this very short list now includes Buggy. He turned the Marines around by giving them bonuses. Now they have to be careful not to get attacked in the open.

No one is safe in the final saga of the A play series. Buggy has lit a powder keg waiting to explode. Everyone is going to be caught up in this huge explosion, and they’re going to be watching it from afar.

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