7 things you might not know about Sabo

Sabo is Luffy and Ace’s sworn brother. He was the first of three brothers to set sail, but unfortunately his journey was cut short by a Celestial Dragon. Sabo was rescued by Monkey D. Dragon, who took him to Baltigo and trained him. Under the tutelage of the senior officers of the revolutionary army, Sabo has become extremely powerful and currently, he is among the strongest characters in A play.

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Eventually he became the chief of staff of the revolutionary army. Sabo hasn’t been given a lot of screen time, so there’s still a lot fans don’t know about him. With that in mind, here are some things that every A play fan should know Sabo.


Sabo was barely involved in the story, but it didn’t take long for him to win over fans. Although he only made a handful of appearances on the show, Sabo gained great popularity and fans openly voted for him in fan polls.

In the sixth fan poll, Sabo finished ninth, which made him the most popular member of the Revolutionary Army. In the ensuing fan poll, Sabo fell one spot to tenth, which is understandable considering he hasn’t played a huge role in any arc after Dressrosa.

6 Biggest brother

The three brothers shared a very amazing bond, which helped them deal with difficult situations early in their lives. Since growing up in the mountains, the three brothers were physically much better than other children of the same age. They were even able to defeat much larger creatures.

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Sabo is the tallest of the three brothers with a height of 187cm (6’1½”), making him taller than Ace, who was 185cm (6’1″) tall. Meanwhile, Luffy is the shortest with a height of 174cm (5’8½”).

5 Amazing parallels with Ace

Since Ace and Sabo were older than Luffy, it was their job to take care of their younger brother. Besides being Luffy’s older brothers, the two share other similarities. First, how they were introduced, Sabo and Ace were introduced when Luffy and his crew were trying to defeat a Shichibukai. In Ace’s case, it was Crocodile and in Sabo’s case, it was Doflamingo.

Second, the two also stopped other antagonists from trying to harm Luffy. Ace stopped Smoker from capturing Luffy, while Sabo stopped Fujitora and Burgess at Dressrosa. Finally, before leaving, they both left living cards.

4 Sabo and Sanji

Sabo and Sanji also share some similarities. Both were born into noble families, but they did not care about power and wealth. Sabo’s parents didn’t care about his well-being, instead they wanted him to behave like a royal. This led to Sabo running away from home, but he was brought back by pirates and his parents became stricter with him. When Sabo couldn’t take care of it anymore, he decided to set sail.

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Sanji’s mother was nice and he picked up a lot of his habits, but his father, Judge, didn’t like them. The judge called Sanji a failure and threw him in jail. In addition to the emotional trauma, Sanji was often beaten by his siblings. Luckily, Reiju still had kindness in her, so she decided to free Sanji and escorted him to a ship. Sanji was saved by Zeff, who took care of him and taught him how to behave like a gentleman.

3 Voiced by Naruto’s voice actor

In the Post Marineford arc, additional details about Ace, Luffy, and Sabo were revealed. The three were very close growing up, but they were separated when Sabo was attacked, which saddened the other two.

In an SBS, it was revealed that Sabo’s favorite food is ramen, which is a tribute to the main character of the naruto series.

The younger version of Sabo was voiced by Junko Takeuchi, who also voiced Naruto Uzumaki, another fictional character who loves ramen.

2 Immortalized by Ace

After Sabo was presumed dead by Ace and Luffy, the two brothers knew they had to watch out for each other. Thus, they stayed together until Ace set sail. Ace quickly made a name for himself, and he was considered one of the most dangerous pirates, and was even offered the position of Shichibukai.

Despite his fame, Ace has not forgotten his brothers, especially Sabo. To remember his deceased brother, Ace got an “ASCE” tattoo, but the “S” was crossed out. It was a tribute to his “fallen” brother, Sabo.

1 Similar to cunning dodge

Like other characters in A play, Sabo is similar to fictional characters from other series. His attire resembles that of Artful Dodger, who is a Charles Dickens character Oliver Twist. Dodger wore an adult top hat and vest, and both Sabo and Dodger were part of a gang of child thieves. Sabo and his brothers used to cause trouble for other people, which made them quite infamous in Gray Terminal.

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