7 Best Anime Nurses, Ranked

Not all of these nurses are ordinary helpful healers, because nothing sets up a story better than a twisted sister! However, whether their intentions are good or bad, these following Anime nurses have left a lasting impression in the hearts of many viewers.

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Unfortunately, it seems like the common trend in Anime is to give the character of the nurse a supporting role, as none of these ladies stay in the spotlight for very long. Regardless of their demoted status, all of these Physician Assistants not only add a robust waifu factor with their presence, but also significantly impact their relevant storylines overall.


seven NASA Houston: Orbital Children

Viewers may at first classify Nasa Houston as just a supporting character with little influence on the development of this short sci-fi series, however, there’s often more to a person than meets the eye. As the resident nurse of space station Anshin, Nasa is responsible for maintaining the health of Toya Sagami and Konoha Nanase, two sick children born in space and unable to return to Earth with the rest of humanity.

As a medical professional, one wouldn’t predict Nasa to be the superstitious type, however, she turns out to have an astonishing level of insight into Seven’s mysterious prophecy, even going so far as to quote passages from the poem directly. Ultimately, Nasa’s curiosity to see the progression of the prophecy is its demise in Orbital childrenas his true intentions eventually become apparent to the children (who moments before had trusted Nasa with their lives.)

6 Eliza Faust: Shaman King

Eliza is arguably the most iconic Anime ghost nurse of all time (so far), having spent most of her screen time as an apparition from the spirit realm in shaman king. As a devoted wife and former nurse working for Johann Faust, Eliza was almost as upset as her husband at being separated from him after his death. When Faust found a necromantic escape, Eliza devoted her final days to becoming a guardian spirit, wielding a scythe to slay any enemy that threatens her beloved.

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As an oversoul, Eliza uses her bones as a vessel to reincarnate as a spirit warrior, whom Faust carries with him at all times under his trench coat. Using his furiyoku, Faust can activate Eliza’s full strength, transforming her into a deadly, emotionless nurse warrior with tailored weaponry, known as Mephisto E.

5 Nori: Death Note

Noriko’s debut in the anime is in episode 21 of Death threat titled “Performance,” where she essentially plays Misa Amane’s body double as she attempts to step away from the spotlight to step out on a innocent date with Kyosuke Higuchi one evening. While Nori may not play a major role in the overall narrative, she adds a significant stressor to the series.

Following a series of ill-conceived events, Nori inadvertently alerts Detective Kanzo Mogi to Misa’s deception (which has ulterior motives of its own), and he then involves the Kira task force in an attempt to exposing Kira’s true identity. Nori eventually fades into the background, however, she was the perfect catalyst for creating stellar drama during her brief appearance.

4 Sister Ivry: Edens Zero

Of all the harem ladies from Shiki Granbell to Eden Zero, Sister Ivry has a large fanbase and is high on many viewers’ “best girls” lists. Sister Ivry forms the healing component of the Four Shining Stars dream team, however, she delivers her cures with less sunshine and daisies than one might expect, with her signature S&M flare.

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The openly sadistic nurse has a habit of healing her enemies in battle, but not out of sympathy; she is more interested in self-gratification. Wanting to squeeze as much pain out of her victims, Sister Ivry guards them at the dawn of death to procure more torturous moments. Don’t worry, she (reluctantly) helps the Eden Zero Crew with medical issues, providing a thick layer of nerve with their restorative treatments.

3 Aki Natsuki: Sword Art Online

Kirito undoubtedly has the greatest gratitude for Aki Natsuki, who helped him recover after the Sword Art Online incident (from Season 1) and became a crucial part of his safe reintegration into the world of online gambling. Not only did Nurse Natsuki watch over his physical body, but she also helped Kirito with his mental state, especially as he battles past demons when he was forced to kill other players.

Nurse Natsuki can be a secondary character in Sword Art Online II, but his contribution is paramount to Kirito’s success as he attempts to save the world, once again. Her gentle nature contrasts sharply with Kirito’s. gun gale online adversaries, but make no mistake, as a former employee of theJapan Ground Self-Defense Force, she is probably less ignorant of combat strategies than first impressions suggest.

2 Recovery Girl: My Hero Academia

One of the coolest and most powerful old Anime characters to bless viewers’ screens is Youthful Heroine: Recovery Girl, whose name might have been changed many moons ago! Not that it really matters, old age never stopped Chiyo Shuzenji from getting the job done, as the official healer of UA High School at my hero academia.

Recovery Girl’s quirk does not directly heal the recipient as one might assume, as her power actually accelerates the person’s natural healing abilities. A kiss from Recovery Girl can mend wounds, but, depending on the severity of the injury, it will wipe out their stamina in the process (and could even kill the unsuspecting victim.) Despite her impressive quirkiness, Recovery Girl is also a skilled medic and surgeon, for those moments, his supernatural intervention can end up being a kiss of death.

1 Nurse Joy: Pokemon

Brock wasn’t the only youngster to idolize Nurse Joy, who is probably the first nurse to leave a lasting impression on Anime fans (at least in the 90s!) Although most Nurse Joy viewers meet along the way are actually new, individual characters (cousins ​​with an uncanny resemblance), but generally speaking most Nurse Joys are sweet, kind, and nurturing; the perfect conditions for a Pokemon healer!

These ladies troops each run a different Pokemon Center in each region and can be differentiated from each other by analyzing the symbol on her hat. Nurse Joy debuted in the second episode of Pokemon in 1997, and since then seven different voice actors have been tasked with bringing the beloved character to life.

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