5 Reasons to Watch ‘The Mandalorian’ If You’re a Fan of ‘The Last of Us’

To convince you to watch The Mandalorian And comforts you after its broadcast is over our end, nothing can be enough. It’s like writing how Pedro Pascal manages to, once again, play a leading role with very few lines of dialogue at the beginning. But with the actor appearing under his helmet 99% of the time, one has to be very sensitive to his charms to rely on this argument alone. Fortunately, many other common points unite the two series in a surprising way.

1 The iconic couple

Obviously, Pedro Pascal is the logical link between the two productions. But can’t stand the proximity of the actor alone our end And The Mandalorian. In the first series, the pairing of Joel and Ellie really works as a narrative engine, with each character letting loose a little bit of themselves and revealing their full potential.

The second reproduces the same pattern, with the only difference being that Bella Ramsey (game of thrones), Din Zarin stars here as Grogu, also nicknamed Baby Yoda, an adorable puppet of Jedi powers.


Comparisons between Eli and Grogu may seem off-putting. However, this cute little green keeps character, like a young girl our endTo reveal the extent of his power and his importance within his universe.

His youth and his very childlike character and his potential mastery of the Force, despite the purity of his feelings, made him the ideal counterweight to a very strict Mando at the beginning, and was obsessed with two things: his work as a bounty hunter and honor for the Mandalorian religion.

2 series Road movie

Another interesting point in common is the journey of the two couples in search of a better world. In these early quests, each obstacle and each new situation tests the relationship between Joel and Eli or Din Zarin and Grogu. From a simple potential bonus in the beginning, who was nicknamed “The Kid” for a time, he became Mando’s dominator. This process is very similar to connecting Eli and Joel, the man first sees the young girl as a simple “package” to deliver to its recipients, before forming an intense bond during their adventure.


If this quasi-filial relationship is common to both series, it is clearly less subtle, less complex than it is depicted the tea mandalorian. Its fantastic world star wars Often less dark, but our end He also knows, on the contrary, in a few moments of grace, to pause this hell on earth.

The duo that created the series, Neil Druckman and Craig Mazin, are one of the proud ones. At this point, the story imagined by Dave Filoni and Jon Favreau relies on the vastness of the pleasures of variation, with equally brazen success.

3 Characters that evolve

Just like in our end, Pedro Pascal, who at first plays the almost mute hero, gradually feels a real (mutual) attachment to Grogu, whom he decides to protect at all costs. And they’ll have plenty of opportunities as they travel across the galaxy. After all, the code of honor of the Mandalorians, “The Way”, from which he does not deviate under any pretext, gradually gives way to rich feelings.

On a more physical level, Mando and Grogu gain experience and strength during their adventures, just like Joel and Ellie. Another common feature, the possibility of redemption, which not only affects the protagonists, but also the secondary characters, and this in both shows.


At first perceived as weak, Ellie eventually shows herself to be stronger in terms of maturity and determination, with Joel making her the opposite. Again, the psychic level is not comparable to Din Zarin and Grogu, but is replaced by the acquisition of additional abilities.

Mando regularly acquires new weapons and skills. Baby Yoda is far from being just a weakling like the survivors of the Jedi Order, but a testament to the Empire’s interest. Here again, camps compete for exclusive access to an individual with exceptional potential.

4 The pursuit of knowledge

One of the points most appreciated by video game fans of the HBO series is its ability to detail elements that are very fleeting or never mentioned in the PlayStation version. A clever way to enhance the universe with powerful new elements. The presence of original game co-creator Neil Druckmann allowed for this complete freedom. He himself submitted ideas that put his own worldview into perspective.

It’s a bold and successful gamble to expand the realm of possibilities by opening some doors that are closed or messy in the video game version… as we see it. The Mandalorian.


Yet the task was just as difficult, if not more so, for Filoni and Favreau. effectively, star wars A specially “protected” temple. Depending on the writing or imagining the entire play, most of the galaxies created by Lucas always remain in the shadows, they sometimes give a radical new perspective.

As evidence, the Mandalorians are a culture far removed from the image of a Manichean Bobba Fett and the almost comically tragic fate of the original trilogy. We also think of the men of Bali, far from being mere unabashed savages, but whose language and code of honor transform them into nomadic people, rustics of course, but not without continuity.

5 Dark future

[Attention, spoilers] Completed players Our last part II Know this well: This pair will experience separation as brutal as it is brutal. He will give Ellie a radically different character, full of maddened rage, and will also see the appearance of an antagonist whose motivations are not far from him… At the time, this scriptwriting choice divided many, no doubt by its general tragic side, revenge. or beyond the controversy of hatred which tainted the new character in question.


Din Djarin and Grogu’s future looks more promising, its tone the tea mandalorian Always remain more positive than that our end. However, it’s enough to take a closer look to see that the pair will fall short. Grogu is the same species as the 900-year-old Yoda in the trilogy.

Mando is a simple man, so will inevitably die before long. Another possible separation between the two sidekicks lies in Grogu’s abilities. Becoming a Jedi Knight one day, it’s hard to imagine him becoming a Mandalorian in turn, and not just because of his size, which isn’t compatible with wearing armor.

In conclusion, we would add that the main difference between the two series lies in the positive, even enjoyable, sequence of episodes. The Mandalorian. A perpetual crescendo, punctuated by moments of compilation, and above all longer than the present. our end. An original package of candy that will inevitably crack you up once opened.

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