10 Times One Piece Was Ahead Of Its Time

A play is unquestionably one of the most popular anime in history. Spanning over two decades with over a thousand chapters and millions of fans around the world, its success is a testament to its narrative brilliance.

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The series was ahead of its time in many ways. Whether it’s a progressive and inspiring story or bringing new ideas to the anime, its tendencies have contributed to its many profound successes. By identifying the most pioneering features of the series, it becomes easier to understand its success and why it will continue to thrive many years into the future.

ten One Piece has LGBTQ+ representation

Although it dates from the late 90s, A play’The LGBTQ+ representation is superb. Unlike other series, LGBTQ+ characters take on heroic roles and are often even responsible for saving the heroes directly.

This was first seen when Bon Clay helped Luffy escape from Alabasta, even though it meant getting captured in the process. Ivankov also saved Luffy’s life at Impel Down and later proved to be one of the strongest allies in the Battle of Marineford.

9 One Piece has a brilliant world build

A play is fantastic at world building. Although arcs are usually confined to a single location, previous events and areas impact future events. Fish-Man Island was perhaps the clearest example of anime serialization.

Despite having happened hundreds of episodes ago, the Fish-Men saved Luffy from Big Mom’s pursuing forces, regardless of the personal risk to them. Another great aspect of the show’s environment is that the locations are incredibly diverse. From the Sky Temples to the darkest corners of Impel Down, extremely dynamic backdrops help keep things fresh, original, and visually stunning.

8 One Piece has an important message for viewers

Although messages from other anime tend to be inconsistently diluted, A play’s overall message has remained inspirational and universally applicable since the series’ conception. He calls on viewers to never give up on their dreams, no matter what adversity they face.

Interestingly, the show’s most heartfelt premise is also shared by its main villain, Marshal D. Teach. He told Luffy that dreams of pirates would never die during Jaya’s arc, which remains his only heroic moment in the series. The fact that the protagonist and antagonist share the same philosophy is remarkably original and way ahead of its time.

seven The Marines bring a moral undertone to the story

Most other anime series have morally black villains whose only role in the story is to be defeated. While marines as an organization are certainly antagonistic, there are heroic members to counter their more brutal and overbearing counterparts.

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The presence of marines also raises intriguing questions, such as the degree of excessive order and what can be justified in the name of duty. Although none of the Marines have fought each other yet, their polarizing personalities may cause them to act on their conscience by the end of the series.

6 Straw Hats are better developed than supporting characters in other anime

A play develops its secondary characters much better than other anime. Each member of the Straw Hat Pirates has an explicit goal, only joining Luffy’s mission after a heartfelt encounter that explains their loyalty to him. They also have a role to fulfill, giving them a concrete reason to be on board the ship.

Even minor villains get a fair amount of development. For example, Queen the Plague was both a biochemist and a main performer. Anime’s tendency to moderate screen time allows hundreds of characters and perspectives to thrive.

5 One Piece is the only enduring member of the Big Three

The “big three” originally consisted of naruto, Bleachand A play. They dominated anime in the early 2000s, although they have since completed their respective stories. Decades later, only A play has managed to survive the test of time.

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Not only is its universe still extremely active and discussed, but Luffy remains its lovable protagonist. Oda’s planned length for the series to last puts it well above its peers and a legend to be remembered long after its conclusion.

4 One Piece has variety in character design

A play has more variety in character design than any other anime. The body shapes and sizes of its cast are widely diverse, ranging from divine deities to pot-bellied and long-legged egg-men.

Even unnamed secondary characters are given some semblance of identity. They will often have a bizarre haircut or an iconic scar in order to distinguish each individual as unique. It further illustrates how the series goes above and beyond to make it feel real and make every character matter.

3 One Piece has strong female characters

The series does a great job of establishing its female heroes as useful and capable allies. While far from being the strongest of the Straw Hats, the roles that Nami and Robin play make them indispensable. Specifically, Nami is a world-class navigator capable of predicting and even manipulating the weather.

Meanwhile, knowledge of Robin’s poneglyph makes her desired the world over and a hated enemy of the government. Both women grew up alongside the crew with many backstories that help set them apart from token female characters in other anime.

2 One Piece holds events decades in advance

A play does a superb job of setting up events. The series has such foresight that it sets certain events decades in advance. For example, Kaido was mentioned by Gecko Moria in Thriller Bark as early as the mid-2000s, which exemplifies Oda’s grander design for the series as a whole.

Shanks and Blackbeard are also considered two of the show’s most beloved characters, despite being relatively inactive. However, fans don’t appreciate them for what they’ve already done. Instead, they’re excited to see how they fit into the final saga.

1 One Piece has a diverse and engaging cast

A play does an amazing job of casting various characters. From Daz Bones to Jabra and even Kaido, the series has plenty of characters to make audiences feel respectfully portrayed. The series is also representative of many body shapes and sizes.

Shanks and Luffy embody the more traditional physique of a hero, while Lucky Roo and Big Mom prove that their weight doesn’t inhibit the ability to fight. Considering how many people the show manages to portray in its narrative, it’s no wonder that A play still remains popular today.

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