10 Times One Piece Broke Its Own Rules

A play has many quirky characters and locations that some may find difficult to understand. For the sake of the audience, the series involved explicit rules in order to help make sense of the otherwise hectic world. It also helps clarify the new powers Luffy and his friends are getting.

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However, there have been instances where anime customs are excused or otherwise blatantly ignored in the name of a gripping story. By identifying such examples, it becomes easier to understand how nothing is set in stone and how expectations can be subverted at any time.

ten Age is not a negative factor in the One Piece world

Logically, age should be a factor inhibiting combat potential. During the two decades the samurai waited for the scabbards to return, many complained that they were too old to fight the Beast Pirates.

However, the most powerful characters in the series are almost all old. Whitebeard, Big Mom, Garp and Sengoku are all over fifty-five. As a result, it’s clear that age isn’t as big of a deterrent as the anime would have you believe.

9 Zoan Mythical Fruits were meant to be rare

When the mythical zoan Devil Fruits were introduced, they were meant to be extremely rare. However, this phenomenon has become more and more false as the events of Wano have progressed. Not only do most of Kaido’s forces use such a Devil Fruit, but Marco and even X Drake have also gotten their hands on it.

Consequently, mythical zoans were ubiquitous in one of the series’ most important arcs, which makes the claim that they are rare questionable. The only way to fix such a problem is if no zoan users are introduced in the future of the story.

8 Logia fruits were weakened with the introduction of Armament Haki

When logia fruits were introduced, arming haki was clearly not intended to outwit them. The first two users Luffy faced, Enel and Crocodile, both had elemental counters needed to win. However, the arming haki broke the rules of the series by circumventing logia defenses.

As is relatively common, Logias have become relatively obsolete against anything other than forage minions. Worse still, there have been no instances of logia users being defeated by an elemental counter since the events of Skypiea.

seven Conqueror’s Haki was supposed to be rare but isn’t

When Conqueror’s Haki was introduced, it was meant to be an incredibly rare form of energy that almost no one could harness. However, it has appeared far too frequently for such a claim to be substantiated.

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Not only does a user have a high chance of passing the gift on to their children (as seen with Roger, Ace, Kaido, and Yamato), but it even fell into the hands of relatively mediocre characters. Boa Hancock, Doflamingo, and Chinjao are all Conqueror’s Haki users although they are nowhere near as powerful or prominent as a Sea Emperor.

6 Big Mom was not defeated at Whole Cake Island

Over the decades, A play followed a consistent pattern where the main villain is defeated at the end of an arc. It has become an unspoken rule, especially given the optimistic tendencies of history.

Whole Cake Island is the only instance where the Straw Hats failed to defeat the main antagonist despite accomplishing their objective. Instead of defeating Big Mom, Luffy defeated Katakuri in a mirror dimension. Her win wasn’t particularly satisfying considering Katakuri didn’t debut until the start of the final act.

5 Consequences of energy steroids were inconsistent

Energy steroids have been advertised to increase one’s strength at the cost of years of their life. While all of the new Fish-Man Pirates suffered and suffered from their effects, it wasn’t in a way that made sense.

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Despite taking dozens more energy steroids than his minions, Hody was no worse than them by the time they were thrown into prison. If the anime had been more consistent about the aftermath of the pill, Hody should have died of a drug overdose.

4 Katakuri and Luffy broke the rules of Observation Haki

When introduced, Observation Haki was meant to help telegraph enemy attacks for the user to dodge. However, Katakuri broke the rules of the show by using it to blatantly read the future. He managed to use it so intensely that he could stop fights before they even broke out.

Even more inexplicably, Luffy managed to emulate Katakuri’s exceptional observation haki and develop it himself. It was unlike any other fight in the series and is not consistent with the themes of the anime.

3 Most Vice Admirals Aren’t As Strong As Claimed

Technically, vice admirals are meant to be one step below naval admirals themselves. They are treated like legends so much that they are even responsible for making emergency calls and investigating the worst generation. Despite their position in the World Government, most Vice Admirals have proven to be comically weak.

Momonga was constantly outwitted and outmaneuvered by Boa Hancock, while Bastille was defeated within moments during the Dressrosa conflict. Vice Admiral Ronse lost so completely to Whitebeard that the man didn’t even have to look at him to take him out.

2 Gecko Moria broke the One Piece villain code

There is an unspoken rule that villains never return or help Luffy once they’ve finally been defeated. It’s about giving meaning to the Straw Hats’ efforts without forcing them to kill their enemies. However, Gecko Moria has bucked this trend time and time again.

In addition to unleashing havoc on Whitebeard’s forces in the Battle of Marineford, he was recently enlisted to join Blackbeard’s crew. Given the sinister potential of his Devil Fruit, the Evil Emperor can imagine bringing an incredibly powerful minion back from the dead.

1 Blackbeard broke the limit of the Devil Fruit series

In the Enies Lobby arc, it was explained why no one should have two separate Devil Fruits. The pressure applied to their body and soul would cause them to explode, killing the host instantly.

Despite this codified rule, Blackbeard managed to obtain the Tremor fruit in addition to his pre-existing darkness ability. Additionally, he can even steal other people’s abilities when giving them to his followers. This was seen with Shiryu of the Rain, whose Clear-Clear fruit once belonged to Absalom. Blackbeard’s disregard for the laws of nature remains a great mystery.

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