10 Times Max Mayfield Stole The Show In Stranger Things

Max Mayfield joined stranger things in the second season and has since become a beloved character. Brilliantly played by Sadie Sink, Max has become an important member of the team and was a standout character in the most recent fourth season.

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Max had some real highs, like his relationship with Lucas and his friendships with the gang, but also some real lows, especially in season four. Max endured heartbreaking times and trauma, such as grieving Billy’s death and dealing with Vecna. Overall, she became one of the best, best developed, and most popular characters in the series.

ten MadMax arrives in Season 2 of Stranger Things

Max Mayfield has become an iconic character and has been stealing scenes before he even appeared on screen. At the start of the second season, Dustin and Lucas are angry at an unknown character by the screen name MADMAX who continues to beat their high scores in the arcade.

After discovering that she is a girl and the same age as young teenagers, Lucas and Dustin are impressed. While most of the band members want to get to know Max and bring him into their circle, Mike is less enthusiastic and feels like the boys are trying to replace Eleven.

9 She gets in the driver’s seat

Max proves her position as the group’s new “zoomer” when she gets behind the wheel of a car. After Steve’s fight with Billy, he is unable to drive. So, to his horror, Max intervenes.

After waking up, Steve panics when he sees a twelve-year-old boy driving. however, Max manages to stay focused. She may not be the best driver, but the memorable scene shows Max getting the team to their destination in more or less one piece, despite Steve shouting.

8 Max and Lucas snowball dancing

Throughout the second season, Lucas and Dustin develop feelings for Max, and she teases them about their apparent obsession with her. Calling Lucas a “stalker”, he and Max develop a close and playful relationship that ends with her agreeing to dance with him at the Snow Ball.

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In a heartwarming moment, Max and Lucas, Mike and Eleven, and Nancy and Dustin rock out to the music and forget the hardships of the season. Surprisingly, it’s Max who initiates a kiss between her and Lucas, revealing that she has feelings for him too.

seven Max stands up to Billy

Max proved herself to be a real badass at the end of season two. She stands up to her abusive half-brother, Billy, to protect her new friends. Billy fights against Lucas and then Steve, beating the latter to within an inch of his life until Max intervenes. Max injects Billy with a sedative and threatens him with Steve’s spiked baseball bat. Seeing his little sister’s strength, and probably impressed that she finally stood up to him, Billy agrees to back off and leave his friends alone.

6 Max helps Eleven have fun

Max and Eleven get off to a rocky start, but season three sees them develop a positive relationship. When Mike starts lying to Eleven, Max shows El how to have a good time without the boys and takes him to the mall.

Like Madonna materialistic girl play, the duo tries on clothes, takes photos, eats ice cream and pranks mean girls. Max’s friendship allows Eleven – for the first time – to experience what it’s like to be a typical teenager and have fun.

5 She gets up for eleven

Max and Mike have had a bit of a rivalry from the start. This continues in season three as Max tries to help Eleven become her own person and build her life outside of what Mike wants to do. When Eleven wants to use her powers to help find the Mindflayer, Mike is adamant it’s too much. However, Max pushes Eleven to find her own limits and take control of using her powers on her own terms. While the two aren’t quite right, seeing Max defend the only other girl in the group from the young teenager is refreshing.

4 Billy dies in Max’s arms

Nobody can claim that Billy Hargrove was a terrible person. He’s violent towards others, abusive towards Max, and dislikes Lucas because he’s black (at least that’s what’s heavily implied). However, as Billy dies in Max’s arms, every viewer felt immense sympathy for her.

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Due to Sadie Sink’s brilliant performance, the grief Max felt at the thought of losing a family member was evident, despite his previous actions. In that moment, every audience member stepped into Max’s shoes and felt her pain as she suffered the loss of Billy.

3 Max escapes Vecna ​​using music

In one of the most talked about scenes of season four, Max manages to do what Fred and Chrissy couldn’t and escape Vecna’s clutches. While the gang plays their favorite Kate Bush song Run up that hill, Max remembers all the good things she has to live for.

Seeing visions of her relationship with Lucas and her friendships with the gang, Max manages to subdue Vecna ​​and run towards the light. Fans were on the edge of their seats as Max sprinted through the blood-soaked hellscape and back to reality.

2 She opens up again to Lucas

Caught up in her grief, headaches, and nightmares after Billy’s death, Max closed herself off to her friends, especially Lucas. While Lucas gave Max space, he also let her know he was there if she needed him. In the season finale, the two bond again while waiting for Vecna’s return.

Max lets Lucas know she’s glad he’s by her side and agrees to go out with him once it’s all over. Lucas and Max’s relationship is a fan favorite, and many hope the duo can go on that movie date, even after all that’s happened.

1 Max puts himself in danger to attract Vecna

Max proves she’s one of the bravest and most sacrificial characters in stranger things when she offers herself as bait. To occupy Vecna, Max pushes Kate Bush aside and pulls her in, giving Nancy, Robin, and Steve the upper hand in their fight against her upside-down form.

However, not everything goes to plan and Max succumbs to the same fate as Vecna’s previous victims, only for Eleven to bring her back. In one of the most heartbreaking yet terrifying scenes, audiences had to watch one of the show’s best characters go through tremendous pain while knowing she was on the verge of death.

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