10 things you didn’t know about Joseph Quinn

Actor Joseph Quinn is arguably the biggest breakthrough of the fourth season of Strange things. His character, Eddie Munson, won hearts as the season’s anti-hero when he was falsely accused of murdering Chrissy Cunningham, before breaking hearts in his tragic yet heroic death.

The role of Eddie is perhaps the English actor’s most recognizable role, but Joseph Quinn had an impressive acting resume long before Strange things. With his new rise to fame, there are several things new fans should know about the actor.

His Scouse accent impression comes from his mother.

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things in a cafeteria smiling a bit maniacally

Many stranger things fans may have been surprised to learn that Joseph Quinn isn’t American in real life due to his impressive accent on the show, and is actually English in real life. On a press tour for stranger thingsJoseph has shown his talent for doing accents in various interviews, including Liverpudlian’s accent.


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He recited Eddie’s opening monologue on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, and made the audience laugh during the accent challenge when “Liverpool” appeared on screen. “My mum is from Liverpool, and she talks exactly like that,” he explained, as seen in this clip.

He was on Game of Thrones

Joseph Quinn in Game of Thrones

Joseph Quinn joins other actors like Hannah Waddingham and Pedro Pascal, who were on the TV show game of thrones for a brief time before becoming a household name on other projects. Joseph played Koner, a soldier at the gate of Winterfell who refuses to let Arya Stark in.

A radically different role strange things, 2-minute appearance by Joseph on game of thrones shows just how diverse his acting talent is. He also does an impressive Northern English accent, another example of his impressive list of accents.

He worked with big stars before Stranger Things

Joseph Quinn and Helen Mirren in Catherine the Great

stranger things already has very famous actors in the series, some of whom were already well known before the show. Others like Millie Bobby Brown and David Harbor made a name for themselves on the show and went on to star in many different TV shows and movies.

stranger things This wasn’t the first time Joseph Quinn had worked with famous faces, however. He starred alongside Olivia Colman in the 2017 West End play ‘Mosquitoes’, and also worked with fellow Oscar winner Helen Mirren on the 2019 limited series. Catherine the Great.

He was a guitarist before Stranger Things

Stranger Things Season 4 Final Eddie Master of Puppets

Metallica’s 1986 song “Master of Puppets” is not a beginner’s choice to play guitar. The eight-minute song has a complicated, extended guitar solo three minutes later. Many may assume the song may have been pre-recorded on the show, but it was actually Joseph Quinn playing guitar.

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Although he hadn’t played Master of Puppets before the show, Joseph already knew how to play guitar long before he was cast as Eddie Munson. “I’ve been playing since I was young,” Joseph said, adding that when told he would be performing the song, “I went to buy the guitar and started practicing maniacally” (via The Hollywood Reporter).

He is a fan of “Chrissy Wake Up!” Same

In his brief passage on stranger things, Eddie Munson has created many memes on the Internet. Most famously, Schmoyoho’s remix of Eddie trying to snap Chrissy out of her internal visions of Vecna ​​went viral, in a song known as “Chrissy, wake up!”.

The song has received millions of views on TikTok, Youtube and all over the web. It turns out that Joseph Quinn is also a fan of the song, telling Jimmy Fallon that the song is “always floating around” in his head (via Uproxx).

Metallica loved his rendition of Master of Puppets

Eddie Munson Stranger Things Metallica Scene

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and the band Metallica were certainly flattered by Eddie Munson’s cover of “Master of Puppets.” The iconic rock band, like Kate Bush, saw their song re-enter the music charts after appearing on stranger thingsand they had a lot of praise for Joseph Quinn.

At recent concerts, Metallica showed the scene of Eddie playing guitar on their onstage screens while playing the song. In a kind gesture, Metallica posted a video of Joseph meeting the band and playing the song together, before signing the guitar and giving it to them as a gift.

He thought Eddie’s hair in Stranger Things was “ridiculous”

Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Stranger Things season 4

Eddie Munson’s hair stranger things is arguably its most recognizable feature. Her long, shaggy hair is very reminiscent of 1980s trends, especially for rock music fans. What viewers might not know is that the hair wasn’t real and that Joseph Quinn wore a wig during filming.

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The impressive wig was dubbed “the beast” on set. In an interview, Joseph joked that “99.7% of the work is that wig” while channeling the 1980s. He also said, “It’s objectively ridiculous. When I take it off, it helps me not being recognized, so it’s been a blessing in that regard” (via The Guardian).

He would like to be in Lord of the Rings

Stranger Things Season 4 Joseph Quinn as Eddie Munson in Skull Rock

Joseph Quinn has a nerdy side like his character Eddie Munson, and loves movies from the The Lord of the Rings Franchise. Eddie makes multiple references to the series throughout his appearance on the show, referring to Upside Down as Mordor.

In an interview with The glass magazine, Joseph was asked which movie character he would play in a remake. Joseph replied “All the characters in the the Lord of the Rings trilogy”. With a new The Lord of the Rings series coming out soon, maybe the actor will get his wish.

He is good friends with Mason Dye

Mason Dye as Jason Carver in Stranger Things season 4 with his gang all wearing letterman jackets

Eddie Munson and Jason Carver are sworn enemies on Strange things. Jason was suspicious of Eddie’s interests in heavy metal and Dungeons and Dragons, and Eddie resents the popular kids at his school. When Jason’s girlfriend, Chrissy, is found dead at Eddie’s house, Jason and his friends go in search of Eddie.

In real life, however, the couple get along very well. Mason Dye said he was “super close” with Joseph, and that “we spent three weeks just hanging out nonstop. We were going on dates, going to the aquarium” (via Checklist). Considering they were both the new kids in Season 4, it’s no surprise that they bonded.

He was detained at the airport with demands that he return for Stranger Things 5

Joe Quinn as Eddie Munson in Season 4 of Stranger Things

Eddie Munson is such a charming character that even airport security can’t help but tell the actor how much they love him. When Joseph Quinn was asked why he traveled to the United States, he found fans in the strangest places.

When the immigration department interviewer didn’t believe Joseph’s claim that he was traveling to perform on Jimmy Fallon’s show, a staff member recognized him and said “leave Eddie alone “. The interviewer then recognized the actor and asked if he was coming back for season 5, which made Joseph say “I hope so!” (Going through NME).

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