10 Stranger Things Related Books That Should Be Made Into Film/TV

Most recent stranger things linked novel, Stranger Things: Lucas on the Line, by Suyi Davies, will be released on July 26 and give fans a deeper insight into Lucas Sinclair’s life after the events of Season 3. The book joins an already impressive collection of various Stranger Things-related media, many of which have told stories. really fantastic stuff. stories that have enriched stranger things universe.

With the Duffer brothers launching Upside Down Pictures and stranger things with spinoffs being a very distinct possibility, there are plenty of great stories in the franchise that have already been written that would be perfect for a screen adaptation.


ten In the fire

strange things in the fire

The Hawkins Lab subjects who suffered alongside Eleven are some of the characters most often questioned by fans. Many yearn to know more about these victims and if others were lucky enough to escape like Eleven. Stranger Things: Into the Fire is a four-part comic book series written by Jody Houser that details exactly that, following two escapees from Hawkins Lab who go in search of a dangerous man.

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The story features Kali Prasad (008), who hasn’t been seen since the show’s second season, and an adaptation could wrap up her plot if she doesn’t appear in the show’s final season.

9 the stalker

Troy Walsh and James Dante were the two boys who ruthlessly bullied (and almost fatally) Mike, Lucas, and Dustin in middle school. They haven’t appeared since the show’s very first season, and with only one breakthrough season remaining, it’s unlikely fans will see them again.

Troy and James actually have a fascinating story, however, the one featured in the graphic novel. Stranger Things: The Bully written by Greg Pak. The book gives much-needed depth and backstory to two of the show’s most one-dimensional characters and highlights how their encounter with Eleven affected them.

8 suspicious minds

Eleven’s mother, Terry Ives, has remained one of the most enigmatic characters in stranger things, and fans are desperate to find out more about who she was and how she got involved with Hawkins Lab. Written by Gwenda Bond, the first official stranger things novel Stranger Things: Suspicious Spirits sheds a lot of light on Terry’s character.

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It also sheds a lot of light on Dr. Brenner and the entire Hawkins lab, giving fans a better understanding of what exactly Project MKUltra was all about. A screen adaptation of the story could finally give concrete backstory to two of the stranger things‘ most complex characters and fully show just how much the plot of the whole series has been set in motion.

seven rebel robin

Stranger Things Robin Rebel

Robin Buckley has become one of stranger things‘ most beloved characters the second she debuted in Season 3 and became so popular that many fans of the show would love to see her story expanded into a movie or spin-off series. stranger things actually already explored Robin’s backstory with the previous book Stranger Things: Rebellious Robin by AR Capetta and its accompanying fictional podcast.

It chronicles Robin’s sophomore year in high school before she befriends Steve or one of the main gangs as she struggles with small town life in Hawkins and new realizations upon her- same. It’s a great story that, if enacted, would really deepen Robin’s already rich character.

6 Kamchatka

Stranger Things Kamchatka

stranger things introduced Soviet Russia into the plot of Season 3, then followed that up by setting an entire portion of Season 4 in Russia, specifically the brutal Kamchatlka prison where Hopper was held. The show introduced so many characters and ideas regarding Russia and their involvement with the Upside Down, and it clearly enjoyed expanding on that story.

That being said, Stranger Things: Kamchatka, a four-issue ongoing comic book series written by Michael Moreci, might be the perfect thing to adapt next. It centers on a brilliant scientist held in the titular prison and his two children who attempt to free him. Season 4 has already shown that stranger things can pull off such a story, so an adaptation is definitely a possibility.

5 Max on the run

Stranger Things Runaway Max

Max Mayfield was easily one of the MVPs of stranger things season, as the season has cast a decisive spotlight on her character and the emotions she’s struggled with since her half-brother Billy’s death at the end of Season 3.

While the show’s second and third seasons highlight Max’s tumultuous relationship with Billy, they don’t go as deep as Stranger Things: Runaway Max by Brenna Yovanoff. The book not only shows Max’s perspective on the events of Season 2, but it also sheds light on Max’s life before Hawkins, including the often disastrous encounters she has with her half-brother. An anime adaptation would make its already great story even better in Season 4.

4 Erica the great

Stranger Things Erica the Great

Written by Danny Lore and Greg Pak, the graphic novel Stranger Things: Erica the Great shines the spotlight only on Erica Sinclair, a person who has become one of the show’s standout characters since her expanded role in Season 3. Erica the Great finally reveals what Erica does when she’s not helping her brother and his friends save the whole world, with the graphic novel spotlighting Erica’s own group of friends.

The story is filled with incredibly fun fantasy sequences, and it would be a visually spectacular showcase for one of the most popular stranger things the characters had to be adapted for the screen.

3 science camp

Despite being one of the most iconic couples in stranger things, Dustin and Suzie have never physically shared a stage together on the show, only interacting over the radio. This could finally change if there was an adaptation of Stranger Things: Science Camp.

Written by Jody Houser, the graphic novel focuses on the infamous Camp No Where that spawned the love between Dusty Bun and Suzie Poo, telling both the start of their romance as well as a suspenseful mystery story. The themes of the book fit perfectly into the stranger things universe; an adaptation would both flesh out Suzie and spotlight one of stranger things‘ most beloved characters, Dustin.

2 Ybwen’s tomb

Stranger Things Ybwen's Tomb

Whereas stranger things season 4 was widely acclaimed, many viewers were disappointed with the split of the party, with Mike and Will in California while Dustin and Lucas were still in Hawkins. Ybwen’s tomb, written by Greg Pak, was a comic book series that detailed Will and Mr. Clarke finding a mysterious map left behind by the recently deceased Bob Newby and the resulting adventure, the party continues because of it.

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It’s a wonderful story to adapt because not only does it give viewers a chance to see the four main boys back together, but it also allows beloved characters Mr. Clarke and Bob to make appearances. There’s no reason the adaptation can’t be edited to take place a few years after Bob’s death.

1 Darkness on the Edge of Town

Stranger Things Darkness on the Edge of Town

Police Chief Jim Hopper, while being one of the most popular stranger things characters, is also one of the most tragic. It houses many dark moments from his past, and some of them are explored in the novel. Stranger Things: Darkness Around Town written by Adam Christopher.

The events of the novel are told by Hopper to Eleven, and if the story were to be adapted, it would not only expand Hopper’s backstory more than it already has, but it would also allow for some on-screen liaison between Hopper and Eleven, which was not seen at all in Season 4 as Hopper was in Russia.

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