10 Shonen Anime That Disappointed Fans

Shonen is a massive category, filled with countless titles, and home to some of the most popular and influential series in anime history. With so many amazing franchises under its belt, it almost feels like every shonen series is an instant hit. However, many titles have disappointed fans over the years.

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Sometimes a new series is so hyped that it doesn’t live up to expectations. Other times, a popular series gets a bad anime adaptation that leaves audiences disappointed. For these and many other reasons, shonen anime aren’t always a huge hit with fans.

ten Soul Eater’s ending is confusing and strays from the manga

soul eater is one of the most unique shonen series of the 2000s. Nonetheless, it’s easily one of the most underwhelming. It started strong with its first season, but things started to go wrong soon after. Because the soul eater the manga was still ongoing at the time, the anime ended up creating its own anime-only ending, and fans weren’t happy with it at all.

It took the series in a very confusing direction and strayed from the source material, leaving out key moments that were critical to the character’s growth and progression in the plot. Nowadays, the soul eater the anime is considered a complete disappointment, and many yearn for a reboot that does it justice.

9 Future Diary turned out to be an overly edgy story with a messy plot

The hype was real when Newspaper of the future was released for the first time, and many fans expected it to be the next big shonen series. Unfortunately, the hype train crashed and burned very quickly with this series, thanks to the messy and ridiculous plot, unlikable characters, and overall story edginess.

In reality, Future Diary has become infamous for being pissed off, and most can’t help but cringe at the toxic relationship between Yukiteru and his yandere girlfriend, Yuno Gasai. For such a promising series, it truly disappointed fans in almost every way and is now considered one of the worst modern shonen anime.

Currently, the first anime adaptation of Fullmetal Alchemist is infamous for its disappointment. While many admit that it fits the feel of the series, fans simply can’t get behind the anime’s depressing ending and consider it too far removed from the manga.

When the manga’s iconic ending came out, it only heightened the disappointment that fans felt with the anime. Luckily, the series was rebooted, and this time it faithfully followed the manga from start to finish. With the release of Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhoodfans finally got the happy ending they were hoping for.

seven Seven Deadly Sins is ruined by poor quality animation

Seven capital sins is a series that fans love or hate. Many adore the manga and consider it a masterpiece of modern shonen, filled with depth and lovable characters. However, many fans were unable to look past its vapid fanservice and bad humor, instead viewing the series as unintellectual and crude.

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Regardless of fan opinion, it’s clear to everyone that the Seven capital sins the anime is a huge disappointment, thanks to its sadly bad animation and poorly translated subtitles. Its quality sometimes drops so low that it completely ruins some of the show’s most iconic moments, forcing many longtime fans to drop out of the anime adaptation.

6 Fairy Tail is just another generic Shonen series

Once upon a time when Fairy tale saw incredible popularity among shonen fans. It was a promising new series that many believed could even match the likes of the Big Three. However, it quickly fell and the hype died down completely.

Although the series had a solid storyline and likable characters, it just didn’t bring anything new to the table. Many felt that Fairy tale was just a boring, generic shonen series, and while it wasn’t bad, it just wasn’t good enough.

5 One-Punch Man’s Second Season Doesn’t Live Up To The First

With its hilarious comedy poking fun at all the classic tropes found in a typical shonen, One-punch man quickly stole the hearts of fans around the world. It was a breath of fresh air from the usual generic stories and adventures, and its first season was incredibly successful.

When season two was announced, fans were thrilled. But that excitement won’t last, as the sequel to the series hasn’t lived up to expectations. With a drop in animation quality and a boring storyline, much of what made the series so good in the first place has been lost, disappointing most fans.

4 Yashahime gave fans a disappointing next-gen story

When a beloved anime series gets a “next-gen” sequel, it’s often hit and miss. Unfortunately for Yashahimeit’s widely considered a pale imitation of the classic 2000s series. Many were excited when it was first announced, ready to finally see a sequel. Inuyasha after its conclusion more than a decade ago.

But when the sequel series came out, many couldn’t connect with the new girls like they could with the original cast, and much of the series was underwhelming. With its mediocre pacing, weak characters, and poor storyline decisions, Yashahime failed to resonate with fans like its predecessor once did.

3 Melancholy Haruhi Suzumiya Made A Big Mistake With Her “Endless Eight” Arc

In the 2010s, The melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya was one of the most popular anime around, taking the anime world by storm. But as quickly as he rose to fame, everything quickly fell apart. The series lost most of its popularity, all thanks to season two’s infamous “Endless Eight” filler arc.

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It consists of Kyon, Haruhi, and the rest of the gang repeating the same summer vacation over and over, for eight episodes. Many gave up long before this monotonous arc could end, but even those who stuck it out eventually lost interest in the series afterward. With just this arc, the Haruhi Suzumiya Empire crumbled and just about everyone came to despise the series.

2 The Promised Neverland ruined its momentum with a horrible second season

The promised never-never land was an instant hit with fans and was poised to become the next modern classic. However, that all changed with its disappointing second season. The series had been very faithful to the manga until now.

However, season 2 of The promised never-never land suddenly took a turn for the worse. It left out many major arcs and characters, removing much of the lore that made the manga so beloved. Instead, it gave fans a rushed and flat conclusion that didn’t satisfy fans despite its happy ending.

1 Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Doesn’t Live Up To Naruto’s Legacy

When naruto finally ended in 2017, that was huge news. Although fans were sad to see him go, many were excited for the upcoming sequel series, Boruto: Naruto Next Generations. The idea of ​​the original cast settling down and starting families sounded good. Unfortunately, it failed to live up to fan expectations.

Boruto and the gang proved to be quite dull compared to their parents, and they were even snotty and annoying at times. Many fans have since found it difficult to invest in their story, and even the original characters have lost their former appeal. While in recent years, Boruto started to see some improvements, many are still disappointed with how it went and have pretty much lost interest.

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