10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize Lucas As A Character

Ever since he and his friends discovered a strange girl in the woods outside of Hawkins, Lucas Sinclair has been one of the most loyal and trusted characters in stranger thingsand despite a turbulent story arc in Season 4, continues to display incredible loyalty, shrewd ingenuity, and genuine bravery in the face of incredible supernatural challenges.

In order to celebrate Lucas as a character over the years, fans have created memes that encompass many of his best qualities, as well as elements of his history where they feel he was wronged.

He learns from his mistakes


In the first season, Lucas is incredibly worried about letting Eleven join their group. He likes it the way it is, with Dustin and Mike and him playing J&D with Will, and she threatens their pleasant dynamic. Also, he doesn’t know if they can trust her, but Mike encourages her to be open-minded, and as the season progresses, she demonstrates how loyal she is to her friends.

One of Lucas’ best traits is that he learns quickly, and after he befriends Eleven, he learns to welcome newcomers who join the party, which includes Max in season 2. This time it’s Mike who protests, and it’s Lucas this time. which must remind him of the dangers of being so narrow-minded and hypocritical.

Lucas is a gentleman

Lucas and Max grow closer during Season 2, and her charm and persistence eventually break down the barriers of the emotional wall she’s built around her heart. Even when he gets it wrong (like drinking the rest of their water supply, like in this clip), he tries to rectify any wrongdoing with humor and a smile.

Like all the characters in stranger things, Lucas is fallible and far from perfect, but no one can ever accuse him of not doing his best. Her tireless willingness to learn from her mistakes is one of the main reasons he and Max become so close, as all she was used to until meeting him was being around hurtful people who do not take responsibility for their actions.

He’s one of the smartest characters

Stranger Things guide grid meme

From the start, Lucas has been the voice of reason among his group of friends, questioning everything about Eleven, the Upside Down, and how to deal with life on a portal to a hostile dimension of Hell. Lucas always finds ways to protect his friends, whether it’s killing demodogs in junkyards or using fireworks to blow up the Mind Flayer.

MeenaBeti posted this meme as a character guide to the building blocks that make up each person, and while everyone else’s stats include humorous references to dessert, eating waffles, or dealing with relationships, Lucas’s are effective and straight to the point.

He has the power to stay

At the start of Season 4, fans learned a heartbreaking truth: Lumax was no more. Max had broken up with Lucas for the umpteenth time, causing a horrific rift between them and the cohesion of their circle of friendship.

Understanding why Max broke up with Lucas in Season 4 became pivotal to its plot, and it becomes clear that it wasn’t what Lucas did as much as because of the emotional agony Max was going through. Still, the fact that Lucas was dumped five times proves that there’s something about him that she still loves and that Lucas isn’t a quitter.

Lucas is Max’s protector in the waking world

One of the most emotional elements of Season 4 was the relationship that continued to grow between Lucas and Max. Despite their separation at first, it was clear that they still had feelings for each other. Lucas has become a bastion of relief for Max on a turbulent journey of soul-searching. Being mentally manipulated by Vecna ​​forced Max to confront aspects of herself she didn’t want to see and nearly resulted in her death.

While she fought Vecna ​​between the worlds, Lucas was tasked with making sure her physical body was safe. This included battling Jason, who tried to bring the pair down while they were inside Henry Creel’s former home. Hopefully Season 5 will continue to reveal just how brave, loyal, and romantic Lucas is as a character.

He and Max have one of the best ships

The dynamic between Lucas and Max is perhaps a little more laid back than that between Mike and Eleven, who seem to have no problem making dramatic declarations of love to each other in the wake of cataclysmic events, but it suits the Lumax fans. All they want is for Lucas and Max to finally have their date at the movies!

It is important to present different forms of love in stranger things, and to emphasize that no one is less deserving of love than anyone else, even if they think they are “damaged property”. Lucas and Max make it clear that their love is clearly expressed by showing up for each other. Will they ever get that movie date? That’s a question only Season 5 can answer.

He’s one of the best characters that doesn’t get enough credit

Stranger Things character guide tag yourself grid meme

Lucas may be known for having an attitude and letting little into those around him, but those who can get past his defenses know that not only does his loyalty know no bounds, but he also has a soft side that comes out when he feels. that his trust is reciprocal.

This meme posted by Winter-Anderson not only reveals a lot about Lucas, but it also shows the similar traits he shares with Max, which is why he understands her so well. Lucas lets his guard down with her, and though she tries to ignore her fondness for him, her desire to be seen is something he can relate to. Lucas’ greatest strength is being realistic and he understands that when it comes to Max, he can’t have expectations.

He’s a basketball star

Lucas Sinclair basketball meme

Making Lucas, the show’s only prominent black character, want to embrace athletics rather than J&D was considered by some fans to be a stereotypical Duffer Brothers move. While this caused dramatic tension between him and his two best friends, it seemed to plot him rather than serve his character development.

MoskalMedia released a meme that captures the confrontational nature of Lucas’ arc in Season 4, which shows him turning on his friends in an effort to stop being seen as a “loser.” It could have been handled better, but it highlights that the characters sometimes go overboard and that Lucas needs a purpose beyond being Mike and Dustin’s Tagalong friend.

He is inventive and resourceful

Stranger Things season 3 Lucas fireworks meme

Although his relationship with Max was a mainstay in Season 3, Lucas was still up to his old tricks and was able to be the hero of the hour on multiple occasions. His most impressive was having the foresight to catch fireworks for the kids’ showdown against the Mind Flayer.

WonkMorlock posted this meme to demonstrate his ingenuity and adaptability, his inherent skepticism often causing him to consider every possible angle of a problem other than the most obvious. When everyone was happy to rely on El, Lucas had a backup plan that worked.

Nobody’s bashing Lucas Sinclair

In season 4 of stranger thingsLucas explains to Mike and Dustin that he’s “tired of being a loser,” which echoes the sentiments of Lucas’ most ardent fans who felt that since season 2, Lucas hasn’t been able to stand up. actively engage with one of the series’ great plots.

In this meme, whether it was Billie, Jason, or even Eddie, who refused to push back his D&D campaign until after Lucas’ championship game, it’s clear that anyone who speaks ill of Lucas isn’t long for this world. Hopefully Season 5 will not only ensure that Lucas is no longer a “loser”, but that he is integral to stopping Vecna ​​rather than supporting everyone else who does.

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