1 Stranger Things 4 Line Foreshadowed Jason’s Death Perfectly

A line in Stranger Things season 4 volume 1 perfectly foreshadowed Jason Carver’s death and the gruesome way the jock dies in volume 2.

stranger things season 4 foreshadowed Jason’s death perfectly through a line in volume 1. Much of the attention in stranger things Season 4 was about Eleven, Max, and Vecna, but the Hawkins murders also gave rise to Jason Carver’s villainous arc. The death of his girlfriend Chrissie made him the vocal leader of the anti-Dungeons and Dragons locals, who believed that Eddie Munson killed her. His hatred fueled an antagonistic role for Jason in stranger things season 4, culminating with his gruesome death in volume 2.

Jason’s role in stranger things season 4, volume 2 showed him continuing to search for answers about what happened to Chrissie. He became particularly obsessed with finding Lucas after he betrayed the basketball team to protect Eddie. This led Jason to find Lucas and Max in the Creel house. After a fight between the two teammates broke out, Lucas got the upper hand and defeated Jason, leaving him exhausted and lying on the attic floor. This proved costly, as the fault lines created by the Upside Down killed Jason soon after.


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Even with his villainous role in stranger things season 4, Jason’s death is a bit of a surprise, especially for the way the body disintegrates. However, a line in stranger things season 4, volume 1 prefigured his destiny in the perfect way. The line comes from Jason, as he tells Lucas about his first hangover after a big party. This is where Jason says, “The first hangover feels like you’re going to split in two, but you’ll live.” Because as apt as Jason’s description of the hangover might be, it perfectly foreshadowed his death in the stranger things season 4 finale. Of course, Jason couldn’t survive being split in half by the Upside Down.

How Jason’s Death Could Impact Stranger Things Season 5

Stranger Things season 4 Jason ending

Some viewers may have missed Jason’s on-screen death in stranger things season 4, volume 2, but the town of Hawkins certainly didn’t, and it’s likely his death will impact stranger things season 5. When everyone returns to town and sees the damage done by the Upside Down, the growing number of missing persons and presumed deaths includes several mentions of Jason. The Hawkins High star basketball player and leader of the group has convinced Eddie Munson to be a satanic serial killer, but there’s no confirmation the town knows Jason is dead. But since he’s still missing, the moves Jason created could deteriorate and become more dangerous under new leadership.

This could mean that part of the scenario in stranger things season 5 revolves around the people of Hawkins rising to figure out what happened to him, solving the Hawkins forgetting Jason’s plot hole. Some of his surviving teammates might rise up looking for answers and clash with the main characters over their mistaken beliefs about Eddie’s role in the murders, Jason’s role in turning the town against Eddie, etc. . It is even possible that he will come back in stranger things season 5 in an unexpected way. Lucas could feel some guilt about what had happened to Jason, which Vecna ​​could feed off of to infect his mind. He may not physically survive, but Lucas’ former basketball teammate may live on in his memory.

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